Volume II

Chu-Bops Miniature bubble gum "records"

The Beatles Chu-Bops Bubble Gum Records series was manufactured by Album Graphics, Inc. of Illinois, and was sold in stores during the 1980's. Shown above is the header card and the display box which held 64 pieces - 4 each of 16 different Beatles album titles. Each piece was sold at a suggested retail price of 35 cents. Sets of the 16 "albums" are worth $40-$60 while a display box complete with the 64 pieces sells for $150 to $200. A sealed master carton containing 6 of the 64 piece display sets was sold in January 1998 for $1,000.00.

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The Yesterday and Today version of the Chu-Bops issues, shown with the bubble gum "disc".

Back cover of the Yesterday album. Each featured the lyrics to one hit song on the back of the jacket.

Case of Chu-Bops

An unopened case of 6 counter displays - a total of 384 Chu-Bop "Records".

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