Volume II

"Only The Beatles" - Heineken Beer / EMI Promotion 1987

In 1987 EMI Parlophone in the UK put together a promotion with Heineken Beer, unusual for the fact that the Beatles have rarely loaned their name for advertising purposes. Specially printed cans of Heineken Beer featured a red banner across the top that said "The Beatles - A Unique Cassette." Along the bottom, the Beatles' names repeatedly circled the entire can. By sending in four pull tabs from the cans and approximately $5.00, consumers received a special custom pressing of a unique EMI compilation cassette titled Only The Beatles (Parlophone SMMC 151).

The tape featured twelve songs from 1962-1967, including "previously unreleased stereo" versions of This Boy and Yes It Is. This is the first and only time that a special pressing of Beatles songs was ever issued for the promotion of a commecial product. The cassette, along with the original can and inserts, is very hard to find as a set and is now worth from $150-200.00.

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