Volume II

Beatles Remco Dolls

Shown at left is is a very scarce outer container for a set of four Remco hairdolls, manufactured in 1964. This 5"-square cardboard box was used for catalogue sales of the dolls. At right, the standard issue individual boxes sold at most stores.

Original 1964 Woolworth's newspaper ad.
Note the prices and items offered for sale.

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  • Set of 4 Beatle Dolls - $ 3.77
  • 4 Bobbing Head Mascots - $ 2.22
  • Beatle Wallpaper - 23 cents per yard
The ad also listed these items as being available: Hobby cards, Magazines, Jewelry, Zippered Hat Box, Overnite Case, and of course Beatle Records. The ad also misspelled John's name as "Lennen".

Volume II