Volume II

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Beatle Wigs

"The only Authentic Beatle Wig" shown at left came out in the mid 1960's and was manufactured by the Lowell Toy Mfg. Corp. of Bronx, NY. Made of "lifelike" hair, they are currently valued at around $100 if still sealed, and are not all that difficult to find.

A large quantity of original unpackaged wigs were found in 1983, and new header cards were printed to re-package them. The header cards were nearly identical to the originals, but with the welcome addition of one line of text: "Original authentic Beatle wig circa 1964 - This cardboard top reproduced 1983". A nice touch, as that easily distinguishes them from the originals. A counterfeit issue exists, and is easily detected by the words "Made In China" on the front header card. Closer inspection reveals that the Beatles photos are die-cut differently and less accurately than the originals. A different type of stiffer plastic bag was used, not soft like the originals.

A version of the wig was also manufactured in the UK, with a formed-plastic style wig and different header card (shown below). With the packaging, it is worth nearly $600 in near-mint condition, and is the rarest of all the wigs.

1983 repro text

Re-issue statement on back of 1983 header card

Original issue
Original Beatles wig header card
1983 re-issue
Re-issue Beatles wig header card
Counterfeit issue
Made in China Beatles wig header card

Front and back header cards. Click on any photo for enlargement.

Wig card - made in China

Close-up of "Made In China" designation on the Counterfeit issue.

UK Beatles Wig

U.K. version soft "formed" plastic wig. Click for enlargement.

Volume II