Volume III

"The Apple e.p."

Apple Records CD APPS 1 - Compact Disc EP single. Click for enlargement.

One of the nicest and most unique CD packages from Apple. This EP CD was released in the UK in 1991 and contained 4 tracks from Apple artists, all written and/or produced by Paul and George. The songs were Those Were The Days (Mary Hopkin), That's The Way God Planned It (Billy Preston), Sour Milk Sea (Jackie Lomax), and Come And Get It (Badfinger).

The CD was housed in the center of three cut-out thick cardboard "Apples", which were all held together by a plastic rivet, allowing each of the 3 pieces to fan out and rotate in a full circle. Long out of print and in demand, this limited-pressing release is hard to find, especially without the fragile "stems" of the "Apple" being bent.

The CD disc and back cover. Click on either for enlargement.