Volume III

Rare U.S. pressing of Double Fantasy

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In the U.S., there were originally three different versions of Double Fantasy released on compact disc, as shown in the chart below. The first listing is the rarest issue, and so far only a couple of known copies of this version have been documented...the variation found most often is the common German-pressed release, followed by the Columbia Record Club version

1. Geffen 2001-2 "Made in U.S.A."Rare issue (shown above left)
2. Geffen 2001-2 "Made in West Germany"Common first issue (shown above center)
3. Geffen/Col. M2G-2001"Made in U.S.A."Club issue (shown above right). Columbia Record Club version. Also has the added print "Manufactured by Columbia House under license" added to the backing tray card.

Double Fantasy CD cover...click on photo for enlargement

Double Fantasy CD back cover

Back cover insert for the Columbia Record Club version