Volume III

The Beatles Red and Blue promotional CDs

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This promotional-only George Martin interview CD was issued in 1993 by EMI to promote The Beatles "Red" (1962-1966) and "Blue" (1967-1970) albums that were being released on CD. Included with the promo CD was an 18-page question and answer text of the entire 13-track interview. The interviewer was Mark Lewisohn. Copies are getting harder to find, and currently sell for around $50-$70.00.

Capitol DPRO-79286. Click on photo for enlargement

The second of the two different promotional issues, this CD featured 6 selections from the "red" and "blue" albums. The tracks were Hello Goodbye, Ticket To Ride, Norwegian Wood, In My Life, Help! and The Fool On The Hill.

Promotional CD counter display

Plastic-coated 8" x 11" promotional counter display card for the release of the commercial CDs. Click to enlarge.