Volume IV

Original Let It Be artwork

Shown here, for the first time, is the original artwork intended for the Let It Be album. This cover has shown up on many bootleg albums and CDs over the years, but with various alterations. The original, as shown, had an empty box where the Apple logo was to fit into. This original 4-color separation artwork appeared at the Los Angeles Beatlefest in November, 1976 and was auctioned off to a U.S. collector for $275.00.

A few months later the collector had exactly 1000 copies of the cover professionally printed and varnished. To avoid having the cover slicks sold as originals, an Apple logo was lifted from a German LP and fit into the logo box. ALL copies of the slick were printed with this logo. The slicks were originally sold for $10.00 each retail ($3.00 wholesale), and in later years escalated to $50.00 as the supply ran out. Today, originals are very hard to find and would probably sell for up to $75.00 in mint condition. The original artwork was sold to a Canadian collector in 1978 for $850.

Right away, bootleggers copied the cover and issued it on a variety of different Get Back / Let It Be albums. In some cases the title was changed to "Let It Be and 11 Other Songs", "Get Back with Don't Let Me Down and 9 Other Songs", "Get Back and 10 other songs", and a variety of other variations. As bootleg CDs appeared on the market in the late 1980s, the cover was again copied many times for a variety of releases.

Original receipt for the printing of the cover slicks. The cost was .62 cents each!

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