Volume VI

The Beatles' Story on DAT and cassette

Beatles' Story DAT tape

The Beatles' Story Digital Audio Tape (DAT) master. This album has never been released on any tape format. In 1996 Capitol had planned to release this album commercially as a pre-recorded DAT tape, audio cassette and possibly CD. Perhaps because of the limited market for commercial DAT albums, and/or because they were concerned about releasing a high quality digital copy in the marketplace, the project was scrapped. The DAT was mastered from the original The Beatles' Story master tapes. A promotional audio cassette was also made but not distributed.

Beatles' Story DAT tape front & back

Front and back of digital tape. Click for enlargement.

Beatles' Story cassette
Beatles' Story cassette label

Promotional audio cassette and label. Click on either for enlargement.

Analog cassette tape scans courtesy of Mark Galloway

Volume VI