Volume VII

Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles - August 28, 1966

KRLA Press ticket

Location Color Admission Comments
Club Box Grey $ 6.00  
Field Box Yellow $ 6.00  
Field Level Lt. pink $ 5.50  
Loge Level Purple $ 5.50  
Loge Box Orange $ 6.00  
Press Box Grey Free  
Reserved Level Green (Army) $ 3.00  
Reserved Level Brown $ 5.50  
Reserved Level Green $ 6.00  
Top Deck Blue $ 4.50  

Pictured above is one of the Press Box tickets for the Beatles August 28, 1966 concert at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, and below, several other variations. The show was attended by 45,000 largely uncontrollable fans. Dozens of people were hurt in clashes between fans and police as people rushed the main gate when the Beatles tried to leave the stadium in their limousine. That attempt failed and the Beatles eventually exited the opposite side of the stadium in an armored car. The next day the Beatles played their last concert, at Candlestick Park in San Francisco...

Approximately fifteen unused Press Box tickets were discovered in 1997, stored away in a file folder. All were sold quickly and ended up in private collections, making them very difficult to find.