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Ed Sullivan Theater, New York - February 9, 1964
(Ed Sullivan Show)

Location Color Admission Comments
Afternoon (4:30)
General Admission   Complimentary Taping for Feb. 23 broadcast
Evening (8:00)
General Admission   Complimentary Broadcast live


Venue location: Studio 50 Broadway & West 53rd Street New York, NY
Capacity: 728
Dress rehearsals: Three: 2/8/64 – 1:30pm and 2/9/64 – 9:15am & 2:30pm
Attendance: 728 Ea. for taping and live show
Promoter: Ed Sullivan, CBS
Other Acts: Fred Kaps, Georgia Brown & Oliver Kids, Frank Gorshin, Tessie O’ Shea, McCall & Brill, Wells & Four Fays,


  • On November 5, 1963 Brian Epstein, the Beatles’ manager, flew to New York, accompanied by Billy J. Kramer. Epstein was in town for several reasons, among them, to meet with Liberty Records regarding Kramer’s signing, and to meet with Ed Sullivan at the Delmonico Hotel regarding the Beatles’ appearing on his show.
  • The Beatles were paid $3,500 for the 8:00 pm performance and $3,000 for the 4:30pm taping of three songs to be broadcast later on February 23, 1964.
  • George missed the February 8th rehearsal due to illness. Pictures exist of Neil Aspinall, the Beatles road manager, standing in for George.
  • The songs performed at the February 9th 4:30pm taping were 'Twist and Shout', 'Please Please Me' and 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' respectively. The taping was performed before a studio audience.
  • An estimated 73 million viewers in 23,240,000 homes saw the 8:00pm live performance.
  • The Beatles airfare to and from the U.S. was also paid for by CBS.
  • One of the Oliver Kids was Davy Jones, later of the Monkees.
  • Comedian Frank Gorshin went on to play The Riddler on the 1960s Batman television show.


Collectibles from this show are extremely rare. The extent of items that could be found from this show is limited to tickets and ticket rejection notices.
Only one unused ticket is known from this show, and it was formerly the property of Walter Cronkite's daughter.
There was no poster made to advertise the show. Fakes have be seen on Internet auction sites.

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