Volume I

Promotional Flexi-discs

These "red, white, and blue" flexi discs were issued by Capitol as promotional giveaways to encourage the sale of the Capitol catalog of Beatles LPs. The transparent 7-1/4" square discs were adhered to a card with photos of the group on the front visible through the soundsheet. Curiously, the Magical Mystery Tour release featured the photo variation with George's "middle finger salute". The titles are as follows:

The first three were issued in July of 1982 and given away by the Musicland, Discount, and Sam Goody record stores. Each store had their own custom logo on the back of each of the sequentially numbered photo/title cards. One disc was given away with the purchase of any Capitol Beatles album.

The fourth disc, The Beatles German Medley, was available only through the House of Guitars store in Rochester, New York, in 1983 as a "Souvenir From The Beatles 20th Anniversary." Due to its limited pressing of 1000 copies, it's the rarest of all the releases and currently sells for around $50.00. It was not numbered.

The Sam Goody variations are the most obscure of the other titles and are worth $20 to $25.00 in mint condition. The others usually sell for around $10-15.00 each. Very low number issues (under No. 00500) usually bring a premium of 20-50%.

Shown above left is an advance early proof for the 1962-1966 (All My Loving) flexi, with the number printed in the upper left corner and the revised location for the number hand-written on the opposite edge.

Above right, an advance proof of the 1967-1970 (Magical Mystery Tour) flexi disc before being glued onto the backing/photo card.

Change order dated 5/18/82 requesting the numbering be moved from the upper left
corner as originally designed, to the right hand edge, "3-1/16 inches down from the top."

Final proof of the back cover for the Musicland versions,
and the House of Guitars logo for their German Medley release.

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