Volume I

Girl / You're Going To Lose That Girl
Unnreleased single fom 1977


The withdrawn picture sleeve, and the clear vinyl stock issue bootleg. Click on images for enlargement.

In 1977 Capitol Records #4506 (Girl / You're Goin To Lose That Girl) was going to be released as a single from the Love Songs album, but was withdrawn at the last minute. Thousands of picture sleeves and a small quantity of promotional copies of the record were already made up, and quickly found their way onto the collectors market. The stock labels had already been printed up as well.

In late 1978 two west coast USA dealers purchased the entire lot of 16,000 pictures sleeves for $3,200.00 ($.20 each!). They were initially sold at retail prices of around $30-$40.00, and wholesale for around $2-$5.00 each. Throughout the years the retail price gradually declined to $8.00, and currently, more than forty years later, they are back up to $30-$40 as most of the supply has long been depleted. Both dealers hesitated in their purchase - even though .20 each was a bargain, it was a lot of money when multiplied by 16,000. They had some idea that it would take many years to sell all of the sleeves, and stated in the late 1990s that they would have never guessed it was to take more than twenty years!

Issued in October 1977, only a small quantity of promotional copies ever turned up, and today are worth more than $200.00 in near mint condition. In 1978, a few months after the single was withdrawn, bootleggers cleverly ran off stock copies of the single, which never had originally existed. They were pressed using several different colors of vinyl. Close inspection of the labels reveals slightly less detail, and they are also lighter.

The ONLY Girl singles that are real are the promotional copies on black vinyl - all color vinyl "stock" issues are fake.


A full sheet of uncut labels for the stock issue Girl single, and the promo single label. Click on images for enlargement.