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Get Together labels
Tobe Milo postcard

Labels for the Get Together EP release and postcard included with Beatles '66 Live in Japan EP.
Click on either for enlargement.

Around The Beatles 12" acetate

Beatles '66 Live In Japan original metal stampers

Beatles Live In Houston test pressing

Beatles Live In Seattle, WA 12" acetate

Best of Tobe Milo Productions negative for front cover

Sid Bernstein letter from back cover of Get Together!

Studio Outtakes 10" acetate

Studio Outtakes original master tape

Studio Outtakes test pressing

Television Outtakes color vinyl test pressing

Television Outtakes Ad artwork showing original title of "Solo Outtakes"

The Long and Winding Road (Wings) 7" acetate (one-sided)

Tobe Milo Original 1977 Order Form for Live in Japan, Studio Outtakes and Life with the Lennons

Unreleased Beatle songs #1 12" acetate

1. Lady Marmalade Lennon on French TV. Program "Un Jour Futur" Recorded April 7, 1975. Broadcast June 28, 1975
2. Mamma's Little Girl McCartney outtake from James Paul McCartney filming sessions. Feb-March 1973
3. Piece of Mind This track first appeared on CBM's "PEACE OF MIND" LP in 1973. The guy who sent it to CBM said he taped it off the air in late 1969 from a broadcast by WUSF in Tampa Florida. WUSF claimed they received the tape about 1967 from someone claiming it was the Beatles. They would broadcast this tape whenever they were doing a Beatles exclusive. None of the so called Beatles authorities believe that this is the Beatles. "Piece of Mind" is the way the track was spelled on the tape that WUSF received in 1967.
4. Day Tripper Jimi Hendrix Radio One
5. The Fool On The Hill the demo spliced with the commercial release
6. I am The Walrus The demo spliced with the commercial release
7. Oh My Love The Wackers

8. Something Take 37
9. Long Tall Sally
10. The Things We said Today
11. A Hard Day's Night

(Tracks 8-10 were recorded for Top gear #1, July 14, 1964. This recording was made from one of the Top Of The Pops rebroadcasts of just these three tracks)

Non-Beatles releases

The following are releases that Tobe Milo had some involvement in
developing and pressing during the mid-late 1970s and early 1980s.

The Honeys
The Definitive Album Vol. III
(The Honeys box set, released 1977)

Side A: Shoot the Curl, Surfin' Down the Swanee River, Pray for Surf, Hide Go Seek, Three Surfer Boys, From Jimmy With Tears, Once You Got Him
Side B: Little Dirt Bike, The One You Can't Have, He's A Doll, The Love Of A Boy And Girl, For Always And Ever, Darlin' I'm Not Steppin' Out On You, When I Think About You, Goodnight My Love, Tonight You Belong To Me

Grateful Dead Live In Portland
The Grateful Dead Live in Portland, Oregon
(The Grateful Dead)

Side A: The Wheel, Truckin', The Other One
Side B: Warf Rat, Sugar Magnolia, Johnny B. Goode

Hawthorne Hot Shots

Hawthorne Hot Shots

Hawthorne Hot Shots

The Hawthorne Hot Shots
(Beach Boys, released 1980)

Side A: Till I Die, San Miguel
Side B: Heroes And Villains, I Just Got My Pay
Side C: Good Vibrations, Lady
Side D: Melody, Sound of Free

Love Him Tender

Love Him Tender

Love Him Tender

Love Him Tender
(Elvis & Linda Ronstadt, released 1980)

Side A: Love Me Tender (Elvis & Linda Ronstadt duet mix)
Side B: Hurt (Elvis, live 1977)

Safari 101
Safari 101
(Beach Boys, blue vinyl, released 1980)

Side A: The Surfer Moon
Side B: Humpty Dumpty

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