Volume I

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today...

This is the second in the series of EPs made by the underground Tobe Milo label and was issued on March 15, 1977. This EP consisted almost entirely of soundtracks from various contemporary television performances, with a short bit of open-ended interview as a tag. It has not aged well, primarily because of its poor sound quality. On the other hand, it has what is undoubtedly the most attractive cover of any of the Tobe Milo EPs - a full color copy of a parody drawing of McCartney lifted from a then-recent issue of Creem magazine (Aug. 1976).

Itís somehow fitting that the coverís the nicest thing here, since the covers cost almost three times the amount of the records to manufacture. The EP originally cost $6.00 and was originally to have been called Solo Outtakes. Only 500 numbered copies were made of this EP, and itís just about impossible to find a copy today at any price.

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