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The Beatles Very Together

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This album was released in Canada in 1969 by Polydor Records, around the time of the "Paul Is Dead" rumors. Note on the cover photo that one of the four candles is blown out... One of the rarest Canadian Beatles LPs, the dark cover easily shows even the smallest amount of wear, making near mint/mint copies especially hard to find. High grade copies sell for around $100.00 (U.S.), and sealed copies have been known to bring near $200.00. The tracks consisted of the 1961 songs recorded with Tony Sheridan, listed in the chart below.

George Harrison had this to say in a September, 1969 Interview with Ritchie Yorke in Glove Magazine:

"...And probably, in my opinion anyway, we reached our stage peak in Hamburg. That was well before we were famous, and so the people who came to see us were drawn by our music, or whatever atmosphere we created......And we got to be very good as a band, because we had to play for eight hours a night......We got together a big repertoire of some originals, but mainly we did all the old rock things......At first, when we went on the road as a famous group, it was good fun. But we soon found out that we had to play our records to promote them. We could only sing our hits and none of the old rock things we'd loved doing in Liverpool and Hamburg......as I said, we got very tight as a band in Hamburg...."

Track listing
Side OneSide Two
1. Ain't She Sweet1. Sweet Georgia Brown
2. Cry For My Shadow*2. The Saints
3. Let's Dance3. Ruby Baby
4. My Bonnie4. Why
5. If You Love Me, Baby5. Nobody's Child
6. What'd I Say?6. Ya Ya
* Album jacket incorrectly lists this song as Cry For My Shadow rather than the corrrect Cry For A Shadow...

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Album cover photograph: Jean-Patrick Amish
Manufactured and distributed by: POLYDOR RECORDS CANADA LIMITED.

Special thanks to Andrew Croft for scans and album information