The Solo Beatles on Eight Track Tape
The 8-track cartridge format originated in the mid 1960s and, amazingly, survived more than twenty years. It was the preeminent portable and car audio format of the late 60s and 70s. In September of 1965, Ford offered a factory installed in-dash player for all their new 1966 models, which helped increase the popularity of the format.

The 1/4 inch tape was housed in a plastic cartridge, running in an endless loop at 3¾ inches per second. The pinch roller was built in to the cartridge, and cheap manufacturing led to the use of plastic rollers instead of rubber, which caused excessive tape wear and jamming. The tape is divided in along its length into 8 channels (tracks)- allowing 4 "channels" of stereo music. Most major companies quit producing 8-tracks by 1988. It's hard to believe, but several smaller companies still release titles on this format today!

Now, in the late 1990s, the popularity of collecting 8-track tapes is noticeably on the rise. It wasn't too many years ago that most collectors would pass these by at conventions and on lists, figuring them as pretty much worthless. Just try to find ANY Beatles title of a 1960s 8-track tape that is still sealed - you'll find many titles harder to find and perhaps rarer than their sealed vinyl counterparts. Even sealed, they hardly exist in mint condition, as many had "bubbled" labels and bent outer cardboard sleeves. Solo Beatles titles are more common, but it can still be difficult to find unopened copies of many titles.

The first Solo Beatles 8-track tape issued was John & Yoko's Two Virgins at the end of 1968, and the last was George's Cloud Nine in 1987.

Beatles 8-Track Tapes

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The Solo Beatles USA 8-Track Tapes
Catalog Number Title Label Desc. Release Date
8XWB-639 All Things Must Pass Apple Black Shell
Two tape set individually numbered
8XW-663 and 8XW-664
Issued with outer
title/photo box
8XWB-639 All Things Must Pass Apple Black Shell
same as above except title/photo
box is same as covers outer box
8XT-11578 Best of George Harrison Capitol Black shell 1976
W8-25643 Cloud Nine Dark Horse Record Club only 8 track issue
This is the last known
Beatles-related 8 track cartridge
ZAX-31230 Concert For Bangla-Desh Apple Orange shell
Two tape set individually numbered
ZA-31231 and ZA-31232
Issued with title/photo outer box
8XW-3418 Dark Horse Apple Black Shell
8XT-3358 Electronic Sound Zapple Black shell
One of only two titles
released on the ZAPPLE label
(The other item is Life With The Lions)
8XW-3420 Extra Texture Apple Black Shell 1975
DAH-M8-3255 George Harrison Dark Horse Black shell 1979
8XW-3410 Living In The Material World Apple Black Shell 1974
DH8-M8-3255 Somewhere In England Dark Horse Black shell 1981
DAH-M8-3005 Thirty Three and 1/3 Dark Horse Black Shell 1976
8XT-3350 Wonderwall Music Apple White shell 1968
8XT-3350 Wonderwall Music Apple Black shell 1969
Catalog Number Title Label Desc. Release Date
GEF-W8-2001 Double Fantasy Geffen Black shell 1980
S-104689 Double Fantasy Geffen RCA Record Club issue 1981
W8-2001 Double Fantasy Geffen Columbia Record Club issue 1980
8XW-3379 Imagine Apple White Shell 1971
8XW-3379 Imagine Apple Black Shell 1972
Q8W-3379 Imagine Apple Green shell
Quadraphonic issue, 2 label variations - white label, black label. Also 2 different cartridge styles.
(Only released in USA)
GEF-L8-2023 The John Lennon Collection Geffen Black shell 1982
8XT-3357 Life With The Lions Zapple Black shell
(One of only two titles
released on the ZAPPLE label
The other item is Electronic Sound)
S-144497 Live In New York City Capitol White shell
(Record club only 8 track issue
available from the RCA Record Club
8XT-3362 Live Peace In Toronto Apple Black shell 1969
8XW-3414 Mind Games Apple Black shell 1973
8XW-3372 Plastic Ono Band Apple Black shell 1970
8XK-3419 Rock 'N' Roll Apple Black shell 1975
8XW-3421 Shaved Fish Apple Black shell 1975
8XAB-3392 Sometime In New York City Apple Black shell
Two tapes individually numbered
8XW-3393 and 8XW-3394. Issued with a title/photo outer box
TNM-85001 Two Virgins Apple/Tetragrammaton White shell
(Issued with custom title outer box)
873-5001 Two Virgins Apple/Tetragrammaton/GRT White shell
(Issued with custom title outer box)
8XW-3416 Walls And Bridges Apple Black shell 1974
Q8W-3416 Walls And Bridges Apple Purple shell
Quadraphonic issue
only U.S. issue of this title in Quad
8AX-3361 Wedding Album Apple Boxed Set with tape and 9 inserts.
Box is 12" X 12" X 1-1/2"
Tape is numbered 8XM-3361
was also issued w/o box and inserts
Catalog Number Title Label Desc. Release Date
FCA-36057 Back To The Egg Columbia Black shell 1979
8XZ-3415 Band On The Run Apple Black shell 1974
Q8W-3415 Band On The Run Apple Purple shell
Quadraphonic issue
Only U.S. issue of this title in Quad
JCA-36482 Band On The Run Columbia Black shell 1979
UA-DA 100-H Live and Let Die United Artists White shell
Quadraphonic issue
(limited release, North America only, rarest of all solo 8-tracks)
8XW-11777 London Town Capitol Black shell 1978
8XT-3363 McCartney Apple Black shell
has California address on label
8XT-3363 McCartney Apple Black shell
as above except label features
the Capitol factories print
8XT-3363 McCartney Apple White shell 1977-78
JCA-36478 McCartney Columbia Black shell 1979
FCA-36511 McCartney II Columbia Black shell 1980
8XW-3375 Ram Apple Black shell 1971
JCA-36479 Ram Columbia Black shell 1979
8XW-3409 Red Rose Speedway Apple Black shell 1973
JCA-36481 Red Rose Speedway Columbia Black shell 1979
8XT-11642 Thrillington Capitol Black shell
Orchestral arrangement and
performance of Paul's RAM album
TCA-37462 Tug Of War Columbia Black shell 1982
TCA-37462 Tug Of War Columbia Gray or Blue shell 1982
8XT-11419 Venus And Mars Capitol Black shell 1975
Q8W-11419 Venus And Mars Capitol Purple shell
Quadraphonic Issue
JCA-36801 Venus And Mars Columbia Black shell 1979
8XW-11525 Wings At The Speed Of Sound Capitol Black shell 1976
JCA-36801 Wings At The Speed Of Sound Columbia Black shell 1979
FCA-37409 Wings At The Speed Of Sound Columbia Grey shell 1982
8XOO-11905 Wings Greatest Hits Capitol Black shell 1978
8X3C-11593 Wings Over America Capitol Black shell
2 tapes individually numbered
8XK-11594 and 8XK-11595
8XW-3386 Wings Wildlife Apple Black shell 1971
JCA-36480 Wings Wildlife Columbia Black shell 1979
Catalog Number Title Label Desc. Release Date
JRA-35378 Bad Boy Portrait Black shell 1978
8XT-3368 Beaucoups Of Blues Apple Black shell 1970
8XW-3422 Blast From Your Past Apple Black shell 1975
8XW-3417 Goodnight Vienna Apple Black shell 1974
Q8W-3417 Goodnight Vienna Apple Purple shell
Quadraphonic issue
only U.S. issue of this title in Quad
8XW-3413 Ringo Apple Black shell
Features the long version (5:26)
of the track SIX O'CLOCK
TP-19108 Ringo The 4TH Atlantic Black shell 1977
TP-18193 Ringo's Rotogravure Atlantic Black shell 1976
8XT-3365 Sentimental Journey Apple Black shell 1970
8N-16218 Sentimental Journey Capitol Black shell / Budget reissue Early
NB8-33246 Stop And Smell The Roses Boardwalk Black shell (limited release) 1981

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