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Beatles Box Sets - Reference Guide
Butcher Cover Price and Reference Guide
Comic Books Price and Reference Guide
Concert Tickets North America Reference Guide (updated July 2020)
DVD Digital Versatile Discs Reference Guide
Eight-Track Tapes - Beatles Reference Guide
Eight-Track Tapes - Solo Reference Guide
Guitars & Bongos Price and Reference Guide
Incredible Edibles Price and Reference Guide
Introducing The Beatles Price and Reference Guide
Laserdiscs Price and Reference Guide
Let It Be box sets Price and Reference Guide
Listen To This... Walls & Bridges promo items Guide
Magical Mystery Tour Price and Reference Guide
Movie Posters Price and Reference Guide
Picture Sleeves - Beatles Price and Reference Guide
Picture Sleeves - Solo Price and Reference Guide (updated Feb. 2021)
Reel-to-Reel Tapes - Beatles Price and Reference Guide
Reel-to-Reel Tapes - Solo Price and Reference Guide
Ring O' Records Reference Guide
Ringo Starr Vertical Man - Reference Guide
Sheet Music/books - Beatles Price and Reference Guides
Sheet Music/books - Solo Price and Reference Guides
Sheet Music/books - Australia - Reference Guide
Sheet Music/books - Japan - Reference Guide
Sheet Music/books - UK & Non-USA - Reference Guide
Singles - Solo Price and Reference Guide
Tobe Milo Records Reference Guide (updated Feb. 2021)
Wedding Album Price and Reference Guide
Yellow Submarine Songtrack Price and Reference Guide

Master Index
Abbey Road Billboard Sunset Strip, 1969
Abbey Road CD 1983 withdrawn first issue
Abbey Road Studios Presentation 1983 public tour
Ad-Back the history of this rare first issue VJ album
Alchemical Wedding Xmas party ticket, John & Yoko
All Things Must Pass CD The Making of box set
All Things Must Pass letter from Phil to George
Anthology advance video reviewers package
Anthology video Sneak Preview box
Apple cube fan club promotion item
Apple envelope and stationary
Apple internal office forms
Apple CD EP Apple artists
Apple labels uncut sheet of blanks
Apple matchbook Christmas giveaway
Apple With Compliments card
Atlanta Stadium 1965 concert tickets
Atlantic City Convention Hall 1964 concert tickets
Baltimore 1964 concert tickets
Band on the Run Spanish picture sleeve
Beatles Are Coming! 1964 Capitol promo campaign
Beatles FOR SALE List - current on-line catalog
Beatles 1962-1966 promotional CD issues
Beatles' Story album on Digital Audio Tape
Beatles Top Poll original Mersey Beat newspaper
Beatles VI and other export albums
BOAC flight menu unique dual autographed set
Bonham's Tokyo Beatles Auction March 1997
Bootleg CDs The Beatles first releases, 1987
Boston 1964 concert tickets
Boston 1966 concert tickets
Box sets Worldwide Reference Guide
Butcher Cover Alan Livingston letter & discovery
Butcher Cover Associated Press news release 1966
Butcher Cover Canadian issue
Butcher Cover 4-color separations
Butcher Cover graph value of sealed mono issues
Butcher Cover KYA Beat newspaper story 1966
Butcher Cover matches Japanese store promo
Butcher Cover photo first ever appearance of
Butcher Cover Photo Album unreleased photos
Butcher Cover Price and Reference Guide
   - Bootlegs LPs, CDs, 45s
   - Compact Discs related & using Butcher cover
   - Foreign Discs import albums and 45s
   - Magazines with articles/covers related to Butcher
   - Miscellaneous Butcher related items
   - Posters commercial and promo
   - Slicks including alternate covers
   - Tapes Reel-to-reel, cassette, 8-track
   - USA Albums all variations of
Butcher Cover sales presenter slick
Candlestick Park concert tickets
Can't Buy Me Love U.S. picture sleeve
Capitol Records 50th Anniversary CD box set
Capitol Records 1965 Christmas catalog
Capitol Records promotional CD with Penny Lane
Capitol Records Record Club magazine 1966
Carnegie Hall 1964 concert tickets
Cavern Club brick original ltd. edition of 5000
Cavern Club Membership Card 1964
Chicago 1964 concert tickets
Chicago 1965 concert tickets
Chicago 1966 concert tickets
Chu-Bops bubble gum records and counter display
Cincinnati 1964 concert tickets
Cincinnati 1966 concert tickets
Cleveland 1964 concert tickets
Cleveland 1966 concert tickets
Closed-Circuit Telecasts Washington DC show
Collector's Items LP release and box set
Comic Books Price and Reference Guide
Comments your comments on our web page
Compact Discs EP box set
Compact Discs singles box set
Compact Discs Summer of Love 30th Anniversary
Compact Discs unique & rare Beatles releases
Compact Discs USA 3" singles
Complete Life Stories rarest Beatles comic book
Concert tickets/venues Reference Guide
Cow Palace 1964 concert tickets
Cow Palace 1965 concert tickets
Dallas 1964 concert tickets
Denver 1964 concert tickets
Detroit 1964 concert tickets
Detroit 1966 concert tickets
D.C. Stadium 1966 concert tickets
Dodger Stadium 1966 concert tickets
Double Fantasy CD rare U.S. variation
DVD Digital Versatile Discs, Beatles
Ed Sullivan 2/9/1964 concert tickets
Ed Sullivan 2/16/1964 concert tickets
Ed Sullivan 8/15/1965 concert tickets
Beatles on Ed Sullivan 1964-1970 all performances
Eight-Track Tapes, Beatles Reference Guide
Eight-Track Tapes, Solo Beatles Reference Guide
Export Album, UK rare Beatles solo compilation
Fanzines, Beatles - Subscription info
 - Beatlefan
 - Beatlology
 - Good Day Sunshine
 - The 910
 - The World Beatles Forum Newsletter
Flexi-disc Capitol 1982 promotional issues
Flexi-disc Beatles/Beach Boys/Kingston Trio giveaway
Flexi-disc Granola Dipps John Lennon giveaway
Flexi-disc 4" Hip-Pocket Records
Forest Hills 8/28/1964 concert tickets
Forest Hills 8/29/1964 concert tickets
Franklin Mint Music Box Tribute Series
From A Window rare Beatles sheet music issue
Gatorbowl 1964 concert tickets
George Harrison signed check made out to Donovan
Girl picture sleeve unreleased sleeve, labels, promo
Gum Cards Beatles USA Price Guide
Gum Cards Beatles UK Price Guide
Guitars & Bongos Price and Reference Guide
Hairbrush plastic issue
Hard Day's Night album cover slick
Hard Day's Night Digital Video Disc
Hard Day's Night movie theatre posters
Hard Day's Night LP on pink vinyl
Harmonica box and card issue
Heineken Beer promotion Beatles U.K. cassette
Help! Digital Video Disc
Help! The Making Of... videotape
Help! movie theatre posters
Hey Jude alternate covers
Hip-Pocket Records - Beatles 4" flexi-discs
Hollywood Bowl 1964 Press Credential
Hollywood Bowl 8/23/1964 concert tickets
Hollywood Bowl 8/29/1965 concert tickets
Hollywood Bowl 8/30/1965 concert tickets
Hollywood Bowl picture disc single
Hollywood Bowl promotional Eight-track tape
Hollywood Bowl tickets & artwork for LP cover
Houston 1965 concert tickets
Ice Cream Bars Beatles 1960s wrappers and boxes
Ifield LP The Beatles & Frank - world's rarest LP
Incredible Edibles Price and Reference Guide
Indiana State Fair 1964 concert tickets
Instruments Guitars and Bongos memorabilia
Introducing The Beatles Price and Reference Guide
I Want To Hold Your Hand promotional CD
Jacksonville 1964 concert tickets
John Lennon letter to BBC's Bernie Andrews
John Lennon letter per the Hollywood Bowl LP
John Lennon Listen To This... promotional campaign
John Lennon The Roots of Rock N Roll
John Lennon signed check June 1970
John Lennon Sweet Toronto Digital Versatile Disc
John Lennon Two Virgins Custom promo pressing
John Lennon Walls & Bridges Photo Album
John Lennon Walls & Bridges LP promotion
John Lennon Wedding Album Price and Reference Guide
John Lennon Wedding Album Price and Reference Guide
John Lennon whiskey decanter Alpha Industries 1981
Jukebox Only - Capitol color vinyl series
Kansas City1964 concert tickets
Kingdome, Seattle - Paul McCartney ticket 1976
Kingston Trio Flexi Beatles/Beach Boys/Kingston Trio
Laserdiscs Price and Reference Guide
Laserdiscs Sears promotional issues
Las Vegas 1964 concert tickets
Licorice Beatles U.K. 1960s candy
Leave My Kitten Alone picture sleeve & controversy
Let It Be alternate cover for Get Back album
Let It Be rare laserdisc plus videotape releases
Let It Be LP box sets w/book - Price and Reference Guide
Let It Be movie theatre poster
Let It Be promotional silver disc award
Links to other Beatles sites
London Town LP cover uncropped photos
Magical Mystery Tour Digital Video Disc
Magical Mystery Tour mono EP release
Magical Mystery Tour Collectors Page and Price Guide
Magical Mystery Tour movie theatre posters
Meet The Beatles Moving Heads Store Display
Memorabilia, rare and unique Menu
Memphis 1966 concert tickets
Milwaukee 1964 concert tickets
Minnesota 1965 concert tickets
Montreal 1964 concert tickets
Mo's Songs promotional 6-CD set, George Harrison title track
Move Over Ms. L deleted from Walls & Bridges LP
Movie Posters Price and Reference Guide
My Brave Face rare commercial CD
New Orleans 1964 concert tickets
Old Wave promotional CD Ringo De-luxe reissue series
Paramount Theater 1964 NY benefit concert
Parking Pass - From 1966 JFK Stadium concert
Paul McCartney Broadstreet - Commodore computer game
Paul McCartney Flaming Pie UK singles
Paul McCartney letter to step-mom and dad, 1970
Paul McCartney Live CD issued w/wrong cover, withdrawn
Paul McCartney Many Years from Now book
Paul McCartney personal photo album unreleased photos
Paul McCartney press conference in Seattle, 1994
Paul McCartney promo CD single with Bruce Springsteen
Paul McCartney Ram Album radio spots
Philadelphia 1964 concert tickets
Philippines 1966 concert tickets
Picture discs Beatles 7"
Picture Sleeves (USA) Price and Reference Guide
Pittsburgh 1964 concert tickets
Portland 1965 concert tickets
Portrait offer 1960s Frito-Lay promotion
Rare Beatles collectibles - sample selling prices
Rare Beatles Unique Rarities Vol. I-8 main menu
   - Vol. I: Records & Discs menu
   - Vol. II: Memorabilia menu
   - Vol. III: Compact Discs menu
   - Vol. IV: Documents, artwork, posters menu
   - Vol. V: Video, laser & DVD menu
   - Vol. VI: Miscellaneous menu
   - Vol. VII: Beatles U.S.A. Concert Tickets menu
   - Vol. VIII: Beatles Comic Books menu
Rare Beatles Records, Their Value Yesterday & Today
Rarities and Casualties LPs
Record Player rarest memorabilia item
Record That Started Beatlemania VJ's Please Please Me
Reel-to-Reel Tapes USA Price and Reference Guide
Remco Dolls all four in original boxes, plus rare outer box
Ring O' Records Reference Guide
Ringo Starr signed check
Ringo Starr signed donation receipt for autograph
Ringo Starr Live Blockbuster exclusive CD release
Ringo Starr's Vertical Man - Collectors Guide
Roots album 7000 words on the LP, sessions and lawsuits
Sam Houston Coliseum 1965 concert tickets
San Diego 1965 concert tickets
San Francisco 1964 concert tickets
San Francisco 1966 concert tickets
Seattle fan convention 1st west coast Beatles convention, '76
Seattle Coliseum 1964 concert tickets and press conference
Seattle Coliseum 1966 concert tickets and anniversary video
Sgt. Pepper's CD box set anniversary issue
Sgt. Pepper's CD mono release with lighter
Sgt. Pepper's LP largest copy of (on 36" vinyl)
Sgt. Pepper's 30th anniversary promo medal
Sgt. Pepper's slick for reel-to-reel tape
Shea Stadium 1965 concert tickets
Shea Stadium 1966 concert tickets
Sheet Music, Beatles Price and Reference Guide
Sheet Music Books, Beatles Price and Reference Guide
Sheet Music, Solo Beatles Price and Reference Guide
Sheet Music/books - Australia - Reference Guide
Sheet Music/books - Japan - Reference Guide
Sheet Music/books - UK & other countries - Reference Guide
She's Leaving Home Brian Epstein's acetate
Shur-Fresh Bread - promotional Beatles poster
Songbooks, Beatles Price and Reference Guide
Starline 45 ultra rare We Can Work It Out release
Starpeace rare Yoko Ono CD
St. Louis 1966 concert tickets
Suffolk Downs 1966 concert tickets
Tobe Milo Records discography
Tokyo 1966 concert Japanese VHS videotape
Tokyo 1966 concert tickets
Tollie EP the infamous 1975 counterfeit
Top of the Pops 1970s EP
Top Stars U.K. gum cards
Toronto 1964 concert tickets
Toronto 1965 concert tickets
Toronto 1966 concert tickets
Tour Information and links Beatles 1964-1966
Tour pass, 1966 Brian Epstein's copy
Trading Cards (see Gum Cards)
Two-track tapes Playtapes from the 60s
Ultra Rare Trax original 1988 CDs
Vancouver, B.C. 1964 concert tickets
Very Together LP unique Canadian LP
Videotapes commercially released
Vee-Jay Records Ad-back first VJ LP release
Vee-Jay Records catalog 1965
Vee-Jay Records envelopes used for mailing 45s and EPs
Vee-Jay's "Introducing" LP Price Guide/Discography
Vee-Jay Records promo sleeve VJ 581 picture sleeve & disc
Vee-Jay Records poster rare 1965 promotional poster
Walls and Bridges Photo Album unreleased photos
Washington Coliseum 1964 concert tickets, first U.S. concert
Washington D.C. 1966 concert tickets
Wedding Album jingle John Lennon acetate
Wedding Album Price and Reference Guide
What's New on this website new pages and updates
White Album mono CD release
White Sox Park 1965 concert tickets
Wigs Beatles U.S., U.K., and re-issue
Wings neon 1976 promotional neon sign
Wings sign 1976 promotional wall sign
Yeah Yeah Candy Sticks memorabilia
Yellow Submarine 1968 alarm clock
Yellow Submarine original comic book
Yellow Submarine desk set - previously undocumented
Yellow Submarine movie theatre poster
Yellow Submarine pre-production cels
Yellow Submarine U.S. advance screening tape
Yellow Submarine video promo tape from Japan
Yellow Submarine Songtrack
Yesterday...and Today alternate cover separations
Yesterday...and Today Capitol promotional poster
Yesterday...and Today Price Guide and discography
Yesterday...and Today promotional trunk cover photo
Yesterday...and Today 1990s posters
Yesterday...and Today reel-to-reel tape cover slick
Yesterday...and Today French trunk cover EP
Yesterday...and Today All 6 Trunk cover variations

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