Volume I

Beatles U.K. export series albums

This is one of five U.S. album titles manufactured in Great Britain specifically for export to other European countries. The albums were Something New (CPCS 101), Beatles '65 (CPCS 102), The Beatles' Second Album (CPCS 103), Hey Jude (CPCS 106), and shown, Beatles VI (CPCS 104). Except for the different catalog numbers and the logo boxes, the U.S. versions were faithfully reproduced. "PCS" is a common Parlophone stereo prefix, but "C" before it stands for Capitol, who mastered the albums. All five titles are hard to find, especially in near-mint condition. Hey Jude is the most common.

Beatles VI label. Click to enlarge.

See also Now Again! Parlophone / EMI Beatles Export solo LP from Korea

Beatles Christmas 1965 No. 1
Beatles Christmas 1965 No. 2

Rare unpublished Christmas pictures from the Beatles VI photo session.
Click on either photo to enlarge. Click here for soundfile.

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