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Beatles promotional Export solo album !

This mid-1970s compilation album is the only album ever authorized by EMI that contained solo songs by all four Beatles. Manufactured under license in Korea by Oasis Record Co., it contained such solo classics as Stand By Me, Band On the Run, No No Song, and Ding Dong, Ding Dong (See complete track listing below).

The disc was manufactured in Great Britain, on the EMI label, making this an extremely rare UK export album. In addition, under the catalog number (OL 107) on the label are the words "For Broadcast Only", which seems to denote that this is a promotional copy, and perhaps even a promotional-only release! On the label is a Korean import tax sticker. On the back cover, a separate catalog number is shown for each of the songs, which appears to indicate their release as singles in Korea. It's one of the worlds rarest Beatles albums, so far only two copies have been confirmed, one of which is unopened.

Now Again! LP back cover

Back cover of the LP. Click for enlargement.

Track Listing

Side One
Side Two
1. #9 Dream (John Lennon) 4:45 (OLE 1762) 1. Only You (Ringo Starr) 2:29 (OLE 1752)
2. Old Dirt Road (John Lennon) 4:10 (OLE 1758) 2. No No Song (Ringo Starr) 2:29 (OLE 1752)
3. Stand By Me (John Lennon) 3:29 (OLE 2006) 3. Photograph (Ringo Starr) 2:27 (OLE 227)
4. Love (John Lennon) 3:15 (OLE 1681) 4. Ding Dong, Ding Dong (George Harrison) 3:38 (OLE 1977)
5. Band On The Run (Paul McCartney) 5:07 (OLE 1637) 5. Dark Horse (George Harrison) 3:52 (OLE 1978)
  6. Bye Bye Love (George Harrison) 4:02 (OLE 1975)

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Special thanks to Rod Griffith for additional information

Volume I