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Here is a list and scans of the more than 70 known solo picture sleeves issued by John, Paul, George and Ringo - from John's Give Peace a Chance issued in 1969 through Paul's My Brave Face in 1989. The last solo-related issue was The Traveling Wilburys' Handle With Care released April 12, 1990. The rarest and most valuable of the solo sleeves is George's Love Comes To Everyone - a very small quantity are known to exist bringing its near-mint value to around $750.00. Prices listed are for the picture sleeve only, without the disc, and in strict near-mint condition.

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George Harrison
(includes Traveling Wilburys)
Company Number A Side B side Released NM Value
Dark Horse DRC-49725 All Those Years Ago Writings On The Wall 05-06-81 $10.00
Apple 1836 Bangla Desh Deep Blue 07-28-71 $45.00
Dark Horse DRC 8763 Blow Away Soft Hearted Hanna 02-24-79 $10.00
Warner Bros. 7-22807 Cheer Down That's What It Takes 08-89 $30.00
Apple 1877 Dark Horse I Don't Care Anymore 11-18-74 $80.00
Apple 1879 Ding Dong, Ding Dong Hari's On Tour (Express) 12-74 $30.00
Wilbury Records 7-27637 End Of The Line Congratulations 02-88 $35.00
Dark Horse 7-28178 Got My Mind Set On You Lay His Head 10-87 $8.00
Wilbury Records 7-27732 Handle With Care Margarita 10-88 $16.00
Dark Horse DRC-8844 Love Comes To Everyone Soft Touch 05-11-79 $750.00
Apple 2995 My Sweet Lord Isn't It A Pity 11-23-70 $80.00
Dark Horse 7-27913 This Is Love Breath Away From Heaven 05-88 $12.00
Dark Horse DRC 8294 This Song Learning How To Love You 11-03-76 $30.00
Dark Horse DRC 8294 This Song
(promotional title sleeve)
This Song 10-76 $40.00
Apple 1828 What Is Life Apple Scruffs 02-15-71 $55.00
Dark Horse 7-28131 When We Was Fab Zig Zag 01-88 $10.00
Apple 1884 You World Of Stone 09-15-75 $20.00
John Lennon
(includes Yoko Ono)
Company Number A Side B side Released NM Value
Polydor 821-204-7 Borrowed Time Your Hands 1984 $10.00
Apple 1813 Cold Turkey Don't Worry Kyoko 10-20-69 $80.00
Polydor 881-378-7 Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him It's Right 1984 $14.00
Apple 1809 Give Peace A Chance Remember Love 07-07-69 $17.00
Apple 1842 Happy Xmas (War Is Over) Listen, The Snow Is Falling 12-01-71 $35.00
Geffen 7-29855 Happy Xmas (War Is Over) Beautiful Boy 11-11-82 $10.00
Polydor 821-107-7 I'm Stepping Out Sleepless Night 1984 $8.00
Apple 1818 Instant Karma Who Has Seen The Wind 02-20-70 $35.00
Capitol B-44230 Jealous Guy Give Peace A Chance 10-88 $10.00
Geffen GEF-49604 (Just Like) Starting Over Kiss Kiss Kiss 11-23-80 $6.00
Apple 1868 Mind Games Meat City 10-31-73 $20.00
Apple 1827 Mother Why 12-28-70 $135.00
Polydor PD 2224 My Man Let The Tears Dry 1982 $5.00
Polydor 817-254-7 Nobody Told Me O'Sanity 1983 $15.00
Geffen GEF 49802 No No No Will You Touch Me 1981 $5.00
Apple 1830 Power To The People Touch Me 03-22-71 $35.00
Geffen GEF-49683 Walking On Thin Ice It Happened 1981 $8.00
Geffen GEF-49695 Watching The Wheels Yes, I'm Your Angel 03-13-81 $8.00
Geffen GEF-49644 Woman Beautiful Boys 01-12-81 $8.00
Apple 1848 Woman Is The N... Of The World Sister O Sisters 04-24-72 $30.00
Paul McCartney
Company Number A Side B side Released NM Value
Columbia 1-11263 Coming Up Coming Up (live Glasgow)/
Lunch Box Odd Sox
04-15-80 $9.00
Columbia 38-04749 Do They Know It's Christmas Feed The World 1984 $8.00
Columbia 18-02860 Ebony and Ivory Rainclouds 04-02-82 $8.00
Columbia 3-11020 Getting Closer Spin It On 06-05-79 $35.00
Apple 1847 Give Ireland Back To The Irish Give Ireland Back To The Irish (Version) 02-28-72 $60.00
Profile PRO-5147 Let It Be Let It Be (gospel jam mix) 06-87 $20.00
Capitol 4091 Listen To What The Man Said Love In Song 05-23-75 $15.00
Apple 1851 Mary Had A Little Lamb Little Woman Love
Little Woman Love Not Listed
05-29-72 $35.00
Apple 1851 Mary Had A Little Lamb Little Woman Love
Little Woman Love Listed
1972 $45.00
Capitol 4504 Mull Of Kintyre Girl school 11-14-77 $15.00
Capitol B-44637 My Brave Face Flying To My Home 05-89 $15.00
Columbia 38-04581 No More Lonely Nights No More Lonely Nights 10-02-84 $34.00
Capitol B-5672 Only Love Remains Tough On A Tightrope 01-87 $10.00
Capitol B-5597 Press It's Not True 07-16-86 $10.00
Columbia 38-04168 Say Say Say Ode To A Koala Bear 10-04-83 $8.00
Columbia 38-04296 So Bad Pipes Of Peace 12-13-83 $10.00
Capitol B-5537 Spies Like Us My Carnival 11-13-85 $14.00
Capitol B-5636 Stranglehold Angry 10-29-86 $10.00
Epic 34-03288 The Girl Is Mine Can't Get Outta The Rain 1982 $5.00
Columbia 18-03018 Take It Away I'll Give You A Ring 0703-82 $6.00
EMI 3977 Walking In The Park With Eloise Bridge On The River Suite 12-02-74 $140.00
Columbia 1-11335 Waterfalls Check My Machine 07-22-80 $25.00
Columbia 1-11162 Wonderful Christmastime Rudolf The Red Nosed Reggae 11-20-79 $25.00
Ringo Starr
Company Number A Side B side Released NM Value
Apple 1849 Back Off Boogaloo
black paper with flat finish
Blindman 03-20-72 $23.00
Apple 1849 Back Off Boogaloo
glossy black on both sides
Blindman 03-20-72 $48.00
Apple 1849 Back Off Boogaloo
glossy black on back side
and gray on front side
Blindman 03-20-72 $48.00
Apple 2969 Beaucoups Of Blues
with incorrect #1826
Coochy Coochy 10-05-70 $55.00
Apple 2969 Beaucoups Of Blues
with correct #2969
Coochy Coochy 10-05-70 $70.00
Apple 1831 It Don't Come Easy Early 1970 04-16-71 $35.00
Apple 1882 It's All Down To Goodnight Vienna Oo-wee 06-02-75 $20.00
Apple 1876 Only You Call Me 11-11-74 $20.00
Apple 1865 Photograph Down And Out 09-24-73 $20.00
Boardwalk NB7-11-130 Wrack My Brain Drumming Is My Madness 10-27-81 $5.00
Apple 1870 You're Sixteen Devil Woman 12-03-73 $25.00

EbonyCrackerbox PalaceVenus & MarsStand By Me
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Picture sleeves for Ebony and Ivory, Crackerbox Palace, Venus And Mars, and Stand By Me.

These four black & white sleeves are all fakes, and all except Ebony and Ivory originated at the 1978 New York Beatlefest and were sold for around $2.00 each. Two collectors from Baltimore wanted some sleeves for their own collections to go with records that never had an official sleeve issued. Since one of them worked for a printer, they came up with their own designs, printed the slicks, and assembled them using a glue stick. They only made about twenty-five copies of each, including two Beatles titles (Twist and Shout and Hey Jude), and all sold out in about twenty minutes. Later on they made a Get Back sleeve. The Ebony and Ivory sleeve was made by someone else, perhaps in the mid 80s, and had had EMI/UK markings. It is not known what quantity of those was issued.

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