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Join the thousands of fans and collectors worldwide who read Good Day Sunshine, the #1 Beatles fan club magazine. Published since 1981, each 80-page collectors edition is packed with news, articles, exclusive photos, ads, collectors columns, CD/video/book/bootleg reviews, press releases, convention and tour reports, plus much much more. We keep subscribers up-to-date on Paul-George-Ringo's current activities as solo artists and give you the inside scoops on what they're doing and what's coming up.

GDS readers are treated to an inside look at everything from "how it was done" to "what's happening" in the Beatle world. With articles by Beatles experts Matt Hurwitz, Ken Michaels (Beatle DJ from New York's B-103 FM), Jo Ann DiCera, GDS founder Charles F. Rosenay!!!, Tom Frangione, Harriet Perry, D.L. MacLaughlan, Nick Kocz and many other respected names in the Beatle world. You'll be treated to in-depth news coverage of all Beatle events - from press conferences, new releases, tours -everything FAB! Every issue offers fascinating stories and in-depth coverage, as well as interviews with everyone in the Beatle circle (recent editions have included Beatles press officer Derek Taylor, "Free As A Bird" producer Jeff Lynne and Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick, among others). GDS offers the most extensive collector's information of any Beatles magazine, with our detailed "Off The Beatle Track" record collecting column (so you'll never miss a Beat-le) by Publisher Matt Hurwitz, producer of Ringo's Stop and Smell the Roses and Old Wave CD reissues, and "MemoraBeatlia" - memorabilia news and "how to's" by noted Beatles memorabilia expert Jeff Augsburger, co-author of "The Beatles Memorabilia Price Guide."

Bootleg expert Nick Kocz advises fans about the underground market - which boots to look for and which to avoid. D.L. MacLaughlan, better known to those who "surf the Net" as "saki" on the popular newsgroup, offers her historical perspectives, as well as information about how to find The Beatles on the Internet, with "Beatles In Cyberspace!" And keep up to date on all of the upcoming Beatle events, from conventions to tours and shows, including Charles F. Rosenay!!!'s annual "Magical Mystery Tours" to England through Liverpool Productions.

As a Good Day Sunshine member/subscriber, you get 5 giant issues, typically 80 pages each, with all of the above - all the Beatle news and information you'll ever need. GDS is the place Beatle fans can call home - a place to enjoy the excitement of everything Fab - the upcoming and the historic, as well as a true fan's perspective. That's what Good Day Sunshine's always been about and continues to be. GDS gives you a "front row seat" to the Beatle world. A subscription to GDS is so much more than just getting a great magazine. Whether you're a seasoned, 1st-generation collector who was "there when it happened," a newer fan, or anything in-between, you will love Good Day Sunshine. It's fun and informative.

NOTE: Good Day Sunshine is no longer being published...

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