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The following is a list of the known original titles of solo Beatles sheet music and songbooks issued in the U.S., starting in 1969. Many variations of sheet music exist, including different color covers, paper finish and paper stock, different photos, prices, and song credits. Collecting sheet music is starting to catch on fast, and to some collectors it is as desirable (and similar to) acquiring original picture sleeves. Many of the sheets contain photos exclusive to that particular release, further enhancing their collectibility. Like picture sleeves and other collectibles, original near-mint/mint copies would be more in demand. We will be adding many more scans as they become available and hope to eventually have every sheet illustrated, including variations.

About Solo Beatles Sheet Music & Songbooks

Hansen Publishers continued to print Beatles sheet music and songbooks into the seventies, and with the break-up of the Beatles in 1970, also printed solo Beatles sheets and songbooks. Hansen printed these in the 8-1/2"x11" format complete with stock number and date code on the back page. Sometime in the early seventies, Warner Brothers began printing solo Beatles sheets and songbooks, as well as reprinting Beatles the pre-1970 Beatles sheets in the larger 9"x12" format. Another company, Big3 also printed in this larger format. These sheets do not have date codes printed on them.

At this time it is unclear when exactly Warner and Big3 started printing solo sheets and books as there are examples of sheets and books up until 1976 printed by Hansen, yet some sheets and books only printed by Warner and Big3 as early as 1971.

The following information is available at this time:

McCartney sheet music printed by Hansen as late as 1976 Let Em In, Big3 up until 1980 Coming Up and after 1980 by Hal Leonard Publishing.

McCartney songbooks printed by Hansen up until 1976 Speed of Sound except 'Ram', 'Wildlife' for which only Warner printings have been found. Late 70s books are printed by Big3 (including reprints of early 70s books).

Lennon sheet music printed by Hansen only up to 1970, Instant Karma, all others printed by Big3 up until 'Double Fantasy' which are printed by Warner. All later sheets printed by Hal Leonard Publishing.

Lennon songbooks printed by Warner only (no Hansen copies found at this time) up until the 1980s when all were printed by Hal Leonard Publishing.

Harrison sheet music printed by Hansen as late as 1975 World of Stone, all later sheets printed by Warner.

Harrison songbooks printed by Hansen as late as 1975 Extra Texture, all later books printed by Warner.

Starr sheet music printed by Hansen as late as 1973 Photograph, all others printed by various publishers depending on what label Ringo happened to be recording on at the time.

Starr songbooks printed by Hansen as late as 1973 Ringo, all others printed by various publishers depending on what label Ringo happened to be recording on at the time.

Solo Beatles sheet music
George Harrison
Title Year Publisher NM value
All Things Must Pass 12/70 Hansen $ 15.00
All Those Years Ago 1981 Warner Bros. $ 10.00
Apple Scruffs 02/71 Hansen $ 15.00
Art of Dying 12/70 Hansen $ 15.00
Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll) 12/70 Hansen $ 15.00
Bangladesh 06/72 Hansen $ 15.00
Blow Away 1979 Warner Bros. $ 10.00
Crackerbox Palace 1977 Warner Bros. $ 10.00
Dark Horse 01/75 Hansen $ 20.00
Ding Dong; Ding Dong 1974 Hansen $ 15.00
Extra Texture 10/75 Hansen $ 20.00
Give Me Love 05/73 Hansen $ 15.00
Got My Mind Set on You 1987 Hal Leonard $ 10.00
Handle With Care   CPP/Belwin $ 10.00
I Dig Love 12/70 Hansen $ 15.00
I Don't Care Anymore 1975 Hansen $ 10.00
Isn't It A Pity 12/70 Hansen $ 15.00
Let It Down 12/70 Hansen $ 15.00
Living In The Material World06/73 Hansen $ 15.00
Love Comes To Everyone1979 Warner $ 15.00
My Sweet Lord 12/70 Hansen $ 15.00
Run of The Mill 12/70 Hansen $ 15.00
Teardrops 1981 Warner Bros. $ 15.00
This Song 1976 Warner Bros. $ 15.00
Wah Wah 12/70 Warner Bros. $ 15.00
Wake Up My Love 1982 Warner Bros. $ 10.00
What Is Life 12/70 Hansen $ 20.00
What Is Life 02/71 Hansen $ 15.00
When We Was Fab 03/88 Hal Leonard / 8 pgs $ 10.00
World of Stone 09/75 Hansen $ 15.00
You 09/75 Hansen $ 15.00
John Lennon
Be Bop A Lula 03/75 Hansen $ 25.00
Cold Turkey 11/69 Hansen $ 25.00
Give Peace A Chance 07/69 Hansen $ 25.00
Imagine (1st issue) 1971 ATV $ 10.00
Imagine 1971    
Imagine (reissue) 1980    
I'm Stepping Out   Hal Leonard  
Instant Karma 02/70 Hansen $ 25.00
(Just Like) Starting Over11/80 Warner Bros. $ 20.00
(Just Like) Starting Over (reprint) 1985 Hal Leonard $ 10.00
Mother   Warner Bros. $ 10.00
Nobody Told Me 01/84 Warner Bros. $ 20.00
# 9 Dream 1974 Big3 $ 20.00
Stand By Me      
Stepping Out      
Walking On Thin Ice 03/81 Warner Bros. $ 20.00
Watching The Wheels 11/80 Warner Bros. $ 20.00
Whatever Gets You Through The Night 1974 Big3 $ 20.00
Woman 11/80 Warner Bros. $ 15.00
Woman Is The Nigger of The World 06/72 Hansen $ 25.00
Paul McCartney
Another Day 1971   $ 25.00
Another Day / Oh Woman Oh Why 1974    
Arrow Through Me 1979 Big3 $ 10.00
Band On The Run 06/74 Hansen $ 15.00
Coming Up 1980 Big3 $ 10.00
Daytime Nightime Suffering      
Ebony and Ivory 04/82 Hal Leonard $ 15.00
Getting Closer 1979 Big3 $ 15.00
Girl Is Mine, The 1982 Warner $ 10.00
Girls' School 1977 Big3 $ 10.00
Give Ireland Back To The Irish 1972 Warner Bros.  
Goodnight Tonight 1979 Big3 $ 10.00
Helen Wheels 02/74 Hansen $ 15.00
Hi Hi Hi 1973 Warner Bros.  
Hope of Deliverance 03/93 Hal Leonard / 7 pgs  
I've Had Enough 1978 Warner Bros. / 6 pgs $ 10.00
Jet (Choral)
(7" x 10" size)
04/74 Hansen $ 10.00
Jet (Piano/Vocal) 02/74 Hansen $ 15.00
Jet (All Organ)
(While not perfect, this arrangement was truer to the recording than the standard piano/vocal version. It even includes the moog solo).
04/74 Hansen $ 15.00
Junior's Farm 11/74 Hansen $ 15.00
Let 'Em In 07/76 Hansen $ 15.00
Letting Go 05/75 Hansen $ 10.00
Listen To What The Man Said05/75 Hansen $ 15.00
Live and Let Die 1973 United Artists $ 15.00
London Town 1978 Warner $ 15.00
Love In Song 06/75 Hansen $ 15.00
Mary Had A Little Lamb 1972 Warner Bros.  
Mull Of Kintyre 1977 Big3 $ 10.00
My Brave Face 03/90 Hal Leonard / 6 pgs  
My Love 05/73 Hansen $ 10.00
No More Lonely Nights      
Off The Ground
(Although the sheet lists an imprinted date of 01/94, it is believed that this sheet was actually released in the summer of 1993)
01/94 Hal Leonard / 8 pgs  
Press 08/86 Hal Leonard $ 10.00
Say Say Say 10/83 Hal Leonard $ 10.00
Sally G 01/75 Hansen $ 15.00
Seaside Woman 1977 MPL $ 30.00
Silly Love Songs 06/76 Hansen $ 15.00
So Bad 1983 Hal Leonard $ 10.00
Spies Like Us 1985 Hal Leonard $ 10.00
Take It Away 07/82 Hal Leonard $ 10.00
This One 05/90 Hal Leonard / 6 pgs  
Treat Her Gently - Lonely Old People 06/75 Hansen $ 15.00
Tug of War 09/82 Hal Leonard $ 10.00
Venus and Mars Rock Show 11/75 Hansen $ 15.00
Waterfalls 1980 Big3 $ 20.00
We All Stand Together      
With A Little Luck 1978 Warner Bros. $ 15.00
Wonderful Christmastime 1979 Big3 $ 20.00
The World Tonight 1997 Hal Leonard  
Ringo Starr
A Dose of Rock and Roll 1977 Columbia Pictures $ 10.00
Blue, Turning Grey Over You 10/70 Hansen $ 15.00
Back Off Boogaloo 1977 Columbia Pictures $ 10.00
Daybreak 1974 April Blackwood/Bradley  
Early 1970 06/72 Hansen $ 20.00
Hey Baby 1977 Big3 $ 10.00
It Don't Come Easy 06/72 Hansen $ 20.00
It's All Down To Goodnight Vienna   Big3  
No No Song   Screen Gems $ 15.00
Oh My My      
Only You 1974 Hansen $ 15.00
Only You 1974 TRO  
Photograph 10/73 Hansen $ 10.00
Sentimental Journey 1970 Hansen $ 20.00
Snookeroo 1975 Big Pig $ 15.00
You're Sixteen 1974 Warner Bros.  

Solo Beatles songbooks
George Harrison
Title Year Publisher / Pages
NM Value
All Things Must Pass - Piano/Vocal 12/70 Hansen $ 20.00
All Things Must Pass - Guitar Combos
(This is very similar to the McCartney: For Guitar Combos book Hansen had put out and deleted earlier that year. There are two versions of each song. One is a lead sheet for easy guitar, the other is an arrangement for lead vocal/lead guitar, rhythm guitar and bass guitar (this time with a proper bass clef). Unlike the piano/vocal version, this book did not include an attached tear-off poster and lyric book. There are two separate arrangements for both versions of Isn't It A Pity.)
12/70 Hansen / 96 pgs $ 20.00
Cloud Nine
(Includes 4 pages of black and white photos and 4 pages of color photos)
1987 Col. Pictures /
40 pgs
Dark Horse      
Extra Texture 10/75 Hansen $ 20.00
George Harrison 1979 Warner Bros./
56 pgs
George Harrison: Anthology
(Piano, vocals, guitar. 28 songs, no pictures)
  Hal Leonard/
152 pgs
George Harrison: Anthology - Guitar Rec. Versions
(Guitar Recorded Versions, 24 songs, no pictures)
  Hal Leonard/
136 pgs
Gone Troppo   Warner Bros.  
Living In The Material World 06/70 Hansen $ 10.00
Somewhere In England 1981 Warner Bros. $ 15.00
Songs by George Harrison and Richard Starkey 1968    
33 1/3 1976 Warner Bros. $ 15.00
Travel Wilburys: Vol 1
(Piano / Vocal. 52 pages, including 4 pages of black and white photos and 4 pages of color photos).
1989 CPP/Belwin  
Travel Wilburys: Vol 1
(Guitar version)
1989 CPP/Belwin  
Travel Wilburys: Vol 2
Travel Wilburys: Vol 2
Travel Wilburys: Vol 3
Travel Wilburys: Vol 3
John Lennon
Double Fantasy      
John Lennon Collection     
Imagine 1971 Warner Bros. $ 20.00
Imagine: Music from the Original Motion Picture
(No illustrations)
1988 Hal Leonard /
88 pgs
Plastic Ono Band 1971 Warner Bros.  
Rock 'n' Roll
(Illustrated with many black and white photos of famous rock and roll artists whose songs Lennon covered for this album. The book states that it was designed by John Lennon. It even has typed descriptions of the songs with inked corrections on the typing, typical of John's humor. The arrangements are not the Lennon versions but the original sheet music versions.)
1975 Big3 / 64 pgs  
Shaved Fish      
Sometime In NYC 1972 Warner Bros. $ 30.00
Walls and Bridges1975Big3 / 64 pgs $ 24.00
Paul McCartney
Back To The Egg 1979 Big3 $ 15.00
Band On The Run      
Flaming Pie
(Illustrated with the same pictures included in the album. It also includes some bonus songs available from the CD singles - I Love This House, Looking for You, Broomstick and Atlantic Ocean)
07/97 Hal Leonard /
112 pgs
Flowers In The Dirt1990 Hal Leonard $ 15.00
London Town 1978 Warner Bros.  
McCartney - Piano/Vocal
(includes poster)
04/70 Hansen / 64 pgs $ 20.00
McCartney - Guitar Combos
(includes poster. An All Organ issue of this title was advertised in another Hansen publication, but so far no copies have turned up. It may never have been printed.)
04/70 Hansen / 64 pgs $ 20.00
(late 1970 reissue of Hansen version, no pictures, includes same poster. Basically a piano/vocal songbook with some of the songs arranged as a score (piano, organ, guitars, bass, drums)
1970 Warner Bros./
56 pgs
McCartney II 1980 Big3 $ 15.00
New Songs of Paul McCartney, The
(Cover is a reproduction of the Red Rose Speedway cover and includes songs from this album and Band On The Run plus a couple of 'b' side singles from 1973 and Six O' Clock.)
03/74 Hansen / 112 pgs $ 10.00
Off The Ground
(Includes all songs from the album plus bonus songs from Hope Of Deliverence, Big Boys Bickering, Kicked Around No More and Long Leather Coat.)
1993 Hal Leonard /
88 pgs
Paul McCartney: Composer/Artist
(A few black and white photos and a whole bunch of "Original Line Drawings by Paul McCartney". There are 48 songs spanning McCartney's career until 1981. Similar to Warner Bros' "Beatles Complete", the arrangements for The Fool on the Hill and You Won't See Me are the versions by Sergio Mendez and the Brazil '66 and Anne Murray, respectively - not the Beatles.)
1979 Big3 / 272 pgs  
Pipes of Peace 1983 Hal Leonard  
Press To Play
(Includes 6 pages of color pics and two B&W pics. Includes all the songs from the CD version of the album plus the bonus track Hanglide from the 12" single of Press To Play.)
11/86 Hal Leonard /
88 pgs
Ram 1971 Warner Bros.  
Run Devil Run
(Hal Leonard has imported this volume from England and attached its own sticker onto the bottom right section of the back cover. My copy has an extra sticker attached with the price of $17.95 obscuring the Hal Leonard price underneath. This volume includes all the songs from the “Run Devil Run” album along with “Fabulous” the b-side to the UK single “No Other Baby”. The arrangements of the non-originals tend to follow the McCartney versions. The transcriptions are standard Vocal and Piano with guitar chord boxes. While following the same layout as the CD booklet, the difference is that with this book, each song is represented with a more detailed history along with a picture of artist the song is associated with as opposed to McCartney’s reminisces. Four pictures on McCartney are included in this volume and that includes the back cover. The other pictures are generally the same ones as the press releases for the album.
1999 Hal Leonard
80 pages
$ 16.95
Tripping The Live Fantastic
(About 16 pages illustrated with pics available from the album plus the lyrics. The rest are sheet music. Most of the songs have been rearranged to follow the live versions with the notable exception of Live and Let Die which is the standard version. If you want sheet music for Live and Let Die that nearly follows the Wings version then you have to search out the Guns 'n' Roses sheet music because it includes the bits passages which the standard sheet music edits out.)
03/91 Hal Leonard /
168 pgs
Tug Of War 1982 Hal Leonard /
80 pgs
Venus and Mars 06/75 Hansen $ 15.00
Wild Life 1972 Warner Bros.  
Wings At The Speed Of Sound
(* In 1977 Big3 acquired the old stock of this release and placed their sticker over the Hansen name.)
05/76 * Hansen $ 15.00
Wings Complete      
Wings Greatest 1979 Warner Bros./
60 pgs
Wings Over America 1977 Big3 / 128 pgs $ 20.00
Ringo Starr
Beacoups of Blues 1971 Warner Bros.  
It's All Down To Goodnight Vienna
(Includes about 7 pages of pictures of Ringo, with beard and sunglasses, and some promotional stunts Capitol Records was planning to promote the album. It includes all songs from the album except for the (It's all down to) Goodnight Vienna (Reprise).
1975 Col. Pictures/
72 pgs
Ringo 11/73 Hansen $ 15.00

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Additional scans and information provided by Perry Cox, George Garcia, Robert York and others.

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