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"Astounding stereo outtakes in breath-taking quality"

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All Things Must Pass CD box
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This incredible triple CD box set from Midnight Beat (Luxembourg) was no doubt the hottest bootleg CD released in 1997, with original pressings difficult to find in the USA but more common in Europe. Housed in an attractive deluxe box set with booklet and serial number card, this limited numbered edition of 3,000 copies is similar in size and packaging to the 1995 quadruple CD box sets from Yellowdog (who, by the way, are thanked for their "assistance" in the liner notes). These must-have recordings comprising 34 tracks of studio quality outtakes from George's landmark album run 2 hours and 40 minutes in length.

It was The 910 Newsletter's Editor's Choice after it was released -, "hands down" (see back issues for a review and their Guide to the All Things Must Pass Outtakes, with track-by-track descriptions and best source listings). 910 Editor Doug Sulpy described it as "One of the most important bootlegs ever. Surely anyone who's ever enjoyed George's All Things Must Pass album has wondered what these performances would sound like sans the multiple overdubs and echo effects that Phil Spector thrust upon the mix...". For great insight into Phil's influences of and ideas on this album, see the letter that Phil wrote to George during the early recordings of the sessions.

Triple jewel box CD-R copies on the Repro Man label soon appeared, with asking prices of $60 - $80.00 (U.S.). Several other different bootleg CD-R copies of this have since followed, and have been selling for around $50.00. The stunning sound quality, high desirability, and lack of the original Midnight Beat box sets has created great demand. If you can find a copy, it's definitely worth picking up. For sound quality of an outtakes release, this is certainly among the best bootlegs ever put out...an incredible job was performed in the digital transfer - absolutely no question this is from the original masters. Simply unbelievable!

All Things Must Pass track listing

Disc One - total time 54:13

1 What Is Life 5:11
2 What Is Life 5:11
3 Beware Of Darkness 3:55
4 Beware Of Darkness 4:00
5 Beware Of Darkness 3:58
6 Let It Down 6:44
7 Let It Down 6:44
8 Let It Down 6:50
9 Apple Scruffs 3:20
10 Apple Scruffs 2:56
11 Apple Scruffs 5:24

Disc Two - total time 53:29

1 Hear Me Lord 7:35
2 Awaiting On You All 2:59
3 Awaiting On You All 2:54
4 Run Of The Mill 3:01
5 Run Of The Mill 3:01
6 Art Of Dying 3:54
7 Art Of Dying 3:51
8 Apple Scruffs 7:12
9 Apple Scruffs 9:12
10 Momma You Been On My Mind 4:04
11 Apple Scruffs 5:45

Disc Three - total time 51:55

1 What Is Life 5:13
2 Beware Of Darkness 4:01
3 Hear Me Lord 7:38
4 Let It Down 6:57
5 Awaiting On You All 2:59
6 Run Of The Mill 3:02
7 Art Of Dying 3:55
8 You 4:48
9 Apple Scruffs 5:34
10 Apple Scruffs 2:36
11 Apple Scruffs 2:36
12 Apple Scruffs 2:36


Drums and Percussion: Bass Guitar: Keyboard: Pedal Steel Guitar: Guitar:
Ringo Starr
Jim Gordon
Alan White
Klaus Voormann
Carl Radle
Gary Wright
Bobby WHitlock
Billy Preston
Gary Brooker
Leon Russell
Pete Drake George Harrison
Eric Clapton
Dave Mason
Tenor Saxophone: Trumpet: Rhythm Guitars & Percussion Mal Evans: Orchestral Arrangements:
Bobby Keys Jim Price Badfinger Tea, Sympathy and Tambourine
and introducing the
George O'Hara-Smith Singers
John Barham

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