Volume II

"...groups with guitars are on their way out"
The original historic Mersey Beat newspaper, issued on January 4th, 1962. This issue announced the results of its popularity poll in bold headlines on the front page: Beatles Top Poll! Just three days earlier the Beatles had auditioned for Decca Records, and after hearing news of the poll John, Paul, George, and Pete were elated. They knew that this public endorsement could not be ignored by co-producer Mike Smith at Decca and they would soon sign their names to a contract.

The next day, on January 5thm, Polydor Records released the UK recording of My Bonnie / The Saints by Tony Sheridan and the Beatles (Polydor NH 66833). This was the FIRST record with the name of the Beatles on the label. Also the same month, on January 13 they were mentioned in print for the first time in America by Cashbox magazine, who announced the release of their UK My Bonnie single in their International section. On January 22, a six-week contract was signed by Brian Epstein and Manfred Weissleder, owner of the Star-Club in Hamburg.

Dick Rowe at Decca eventually called Brian Epstein and informed him that Decca would not be offering a contract. Mr Rowe stated that "...groups with guitars are on their way out."

There are three known copies of this Mersey Beat newspaper. A copy recently sold for $2,500.00.

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