Welcome to the first two chapters of "Yesterday and Today: The Butcher Cover Photo Album". The opening chapter showcases eight of the eleven Butcher cover photo variations from Bob Whitaker's shoot in the spring of 1966. This is the first time that all of the eight known different pictures have ever been presented together. So far, the other three have never turned up anywhere and the original negatives may no longer exist. Also featured are variations of the trunk cover photo, alternate covers that were never used for the "Yesterday"... and Today album, and various cover slicks. We will also be updating and adding more pictures and text to this chapter and the photo album. Other areas of interest will include a feature on the discovery and history of the Livingston sealed butchers that surfaced in 1986, the "$25,000.00 Butcher cover", and a "Yesterday"...and Today pasteover album that is NOT a Butcher cover.
Chapter two is our discography and price guide, encompassing all known Yesterday and Today and Butcher cover related items, 1966-1996. Included are more than 100 listings of albums, 45s, CDs, artwork, slicks, posters and many other items. This section will be constantly updated and eventually we hope to have it fully illustrated.
We welcome any additions, corrections, contributions and / or comments about The Butcher Cover Photo Album.
All Butcher cover photos © Robert Whitaker/Apple

Chapter 1: Photo Album Section
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Chapter 2: Discography and price guide
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  • alternate slicks
  • albums & 45s
  • CDs
  • posters
  • artwork
  • and more!

  • Sealed mono Butcher cover 26-year value graph

    Butcher cover Sales Presenter slick

    Letter from Capitol's Paul White about the Canadian Butcher cover

    Associated Press International press release, June 1966

    9 of the 11 known shots from the Butcher photo session

    The Great Livingston Butcher cover find

    Beatles Yank Sick Album Cover - KYA BEAT story

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