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Flaming Pie CD singles

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THE WORLD TONIGHT Capitol DPRO-6 12034 2 (5/97) Features 4:03 album version of the song. Issued with a single page insert. Disc and insert read "Promotional Use Only Not For Sale"

FLAMING PIE ADVANCE CD. Capitol CDP 8 56500 2 (5/7) Issued in a plain white cover with title/song track sticker. Disc and insert read "Promotional Use Only Not For Sale" . So far this CD is fairly scarce.

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Here are the 2 U.K. CD singles of "Young Boy" They are different colors and each have 2 different additional cuts!

The "green one" contains Young Boy (3:54) /Looking For You (4:38) / Oobu Joobu Part 1 (Parlophone 8 39512, 5/97) This CD has 2 inserts. The 2nd insert lists the tracks available on the 2nd disc and print on it that reads "AVAILABLE SEPARATELY". Both inserts and the CD single come in one of those single sized double jewel boxes. Tray card insert on the back also lists tracks from both CDs and also reads "AVAILABLE SEPARATELY" for the 2nd one....

The "red one" contains Young Boy (same version as the first one) (3:54) / Broomstick (5:09) / Oobu Joobu Part 2 (Parlophone 8 83876 2, 5/7/97). Issued with only one insert which doesn't mention the first one at all! Go figure...

For more info on Flaming Pie, be sure to visit Steve Clifford's Beatle Page and the MACCANADA website.

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