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The Beatles go-kart racing in 1963. Click to enlarge. Photo by Dezo Hoffman, © Rex Features Ltd.

June 5, 2021 Added new images and updated information and images for the Tobe Milo VJ CD box set, and the Tobe Milo PROMO VJ CD box set on the Tobe Milo Compact Discs page.
Mar 14, 2021 Added a newly discovered higher resolution image of the three factory sealed Beatles and Frank Ifield portrait cover albums that were discovered back in 1976. Also added additional scans and updated information on this ultra-rare Beatles album.
Mar 07, 2021 Added a high resolution image of an unused press pass from the Beatles 1965 Sand Diego Concert page.
Mar 06, 2021 Added updated larger images and updated information for several listings on the Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl LP page. Also added an image of an usused 1964 Hollywood Bowl press pass.
Feb 21, 2021 Added updated larger images and updated information for several listings on the Tobe Milo Compact Discs page.
Feb 12, 2021 Added all-new updated high resolution images and also updated value pricing and other details USA Picture Sleeves page.
Feb 07, 2021 Added updated high resolution images and also updated other information Summer of Love 30th Anniversary promotional CD's.
Jul 12, 2020 Additional ticket and memorabilia images added to many venues as well as an image of a recently discovered 2/16/64 Ed Sullivan ticket Concert Tickets North America Reference Guide.
Mar 12, 2004 Added a few new scans to the Ring O' Records page.
Nov 22, 2003 Gasp, have two years really gone by?? Not much new has been added to the web site, mainly small additions here and there to the Beatles Concert Tickets section as well as some minor updates on other pages. The concert book is still "on hold" and may be revived in the near future.
Nov 02, 2001 Details and scans of the different variations of Beatles Candlestick Park posters, the one original plus all the fakes and reproductions have been added to the Beatles at Candlestick Park ticket page.
Aug 13, 2001 More additions to the Ringo Records discography page including a rare advertisement for David Hentschel's Sta*rtling Music album.
Aug 06, 2001 More Beatles Australian Sheet Music scans added including All My Loving, Baby, It's You, Hey Jude, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Kansas City, Slow Down, Yellow Submarine and Yesterday.
Aug 05, 2001 More Beatles Sheet Music scans added including A Day In The Life, Continuing Story of Bungalo Bill, Flying, Happiness IsA Warm Gun, Hold Me Tight, I'm So Tired, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Martha My Dear and While My Guitar Gently Weeps.
Aug 04, 2001 More Beatles Songbook scans added including Abbey Road Simplified Book 2, A Hard Day's Night Stage, Beatle Beat Dollar Line, Beatles Hot 40 (with wrap-around), The Dollar Beatle Book All Organ, Hey Jude, The Music of Lennon & McCartney and a Revolver issue with a wrap-around cover.
Aug 03, 2001 More Beatles U.K. Songbook scans added including Beatles '66, Beatles '67, The Second Fabulous Beatles Souvenir Song Album, The Third Fabulous Beatles Souvenir Song Album, The Fourth Fabulous Beatles Souvenir Song Album, and The Beatles vs Elvis.
Aug 02, 2001 More Beatles U.K. Sheet Music scans added including Across The Universe, Can't Buy Me Love, Don't Bother Me, The Fool On The Hill, From Me To You, Getting Better, Hold Me Tight, If I Fell, I'll Be Back, I'll Get You, In My Life, It Won't Be Long, Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Mother Natures Son, She's A Woman, Strawberry Fields Forever, There's A Place, Ticket To Ride, What You're Doing and You've Got To Hide Your Love Away.
Jun 16, 2001 Updated the page on the Ringo Records label with a revised introduction, additional discography listings, and many new and updated scans.
May 03, 2001 Updated the page featuring the 1970 Let It Be box sets.
Apr 17, 2001 Updated the page on the Ringo Records label with new information on some European releases. Also, much more information has been recently uncovered and that, along with lots of new scans, will be added in the near future.
July 05, 2000 Added listings and scans for the original Mexican releases of the Yesterday...And Today album to our Butcher Discography page.
May 02, 2000 Added a detailed chart to the Concert Tickets section detailing all of the Beatles' performances and TV appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show.
Apr 25, 2000 Updated the page on the Abbey Road Studios Presentation, adding a scan of the original ticket.
Apr 23, 2000 Updated the page on Beatles North American Concert Tickets.
Apr 21, 2000 Updated the pricing on the U.S. Picture Sleeves Price Guide section.
Feb 22, 2000 Added several new listings and scans to our Beatles Sheet Music page (now featuring over 600 listings and 500 scans!), including A Hard Day's Night (1968) , Can't Buy Me Love (1968), Hello, Goodbye (1968), I'll Get You, Let It Be (Stageband edition), Long Tall Sally, Something (S-A-T-B arrangement), and Ticket To Ride (1st issue). Also added The Apple Songbook and Rock and Roll Music Songbooks, plus two Solo Sheet Music titles, the first editions of Imagine and What Is Life, and Paul's songbook for Run Devil Run.
Feb 21, 2000 Here's 22 more Beatles UK Sheet Music scans and listings, including A Day In The Life, Ballad Of John & Yoko, Cry Baby Cry, Eleanor Rigby, Fool On The Hill, Get Back, Hello, Goodbye, I'm Only Sleeping, Lady Madonna, Lovely Rita, Love You To, Magical Mystery Tour, Ob La Di, Ob La Da, Ob La Di, Ob La Da reprint, Paperback Writer, Penny Lane, Revolution, Two Of Us, We Can Work It Out, When I'm '64, Yellow Submarine and Yesterday.
Feb 20, 2000 Added several early and rare Sheet Music issues from Britain, including A Hard Day's Night, All I've Got To Do, All My Loving, Baby's In Black, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Love Me Do (the first Beatles sheet music issue), Please Please Me, Roll Over Beetoven, and You Can't Do That,
Feb 11, 2000 What was the FIRST record ever released worldwide with The Beatles' name on it? The answer can be found here.
Feb 10, 2000  Added scans and information on the KYA edition of Beat newspaper from July 16, 1966. This edition featured continued coverage on the butcher cover recall with information on the costs to Capitol.
Jan 27, 2000 Added a page on the 8/14/65 Ed Sullivan show to our Concert Tickets section.
Jan 25, 2000 What's this? "Ringos" cookies? A sealed package, no less - 35 years old and still intact!, added to our Beatles Food section.
Dec 20, 1999 Added more listings, details, corrections and updates to the entire Beatles North American Concert Tickets section. Much more will be added in the months ahead...
Dec 19, 1999 Here's an interesting copy of sheet music for Boys - from Vietnam!
Oct 27, 1999 Added more scans and listings to the Yellow Submarine Songtrack 1999 Price and Reference Guide page. It now features more than 200 listings, will it ever end?
Oct 26, 1999 Updated the Beatles Sheet Music section, adding scans of Piggies and Something (Stage Band). Added Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll), to the Solo Sheet Music pages and added several improved scans. New Songbooks added include 20 All-Time Hit Paraders for Eb Instruments, 40 of the Latest and Greatest Lennon & McCartney, Fabulous Favorites For Trumpet, Clarinet and Saxophone and Pocketbook of Songs.
Sep 29, 1999 Added a scan of a fourth stub, ticket envelope and Royal Crown Cola ticket for the Beatles 1965 Portland show.
Sep 27, 1999 Added a scan of a white stub for the Beatles 1964 Seattle show.
Sep 20, 1999 Added many more scans and listings to the Yellow Submarine Songtrack 1999 Price and Reference Guide page. It now features more than 125 listings and over 110 scans!
Sep 14, 1999 Added a scan of a rare arena ticket for the Washington D.C. 1964 concert.
Sep 11, 1999 Updated the page on the new Yellow Submarine Soundtrack release, including scans of the advance promo CD, promo video Featurette, the promo poster, 48-tape floor display bin, Shelf Talker, promo brochure and other promotional materials. Also started a Price and Reference guide listing all of the merchandise released including promotional items.
Sep 10, 1999 Added a scan of an envelope for the 1964 Cow Palace show and a Box stub for the 1964 Hollywood Bowl concert.
Sep 09, 1999 Added a scan of a 1964 closed-circuit ticket for Pittsburgh.
Aug 14, 1999 Added a scan of a RC Cola ticket giveaway offer to the Minneapolis 1965 concert tickets page.
Aug 13, 1999 Added a scan of a third ticket stub for the Beatles' 1965 evening show in Portland, a stub for the 1966 DC Stadium show, and three sequential stubs for the 1966 Cincinatti concert.
July 12, 1999 Added scans of several Beatles 4" Pocket Discs including Ballad of John & Yoko, Old Brown Shoe, Don't Let Me Down and Get Back.
July 11, 1999 Added a scan of the Imagine reel with sheet to the Beatle reel-to-reel tapes page.
June 25, 1999 Updated the page on the Let It Be box sets, including information on the rare German issue and a Canadian variation with title sticker.
June 24, 1999 Added a scan of a full ticket for the Beatles' 1966 afternoon show in Seattle.
June 10, 1999 Added many new scans and listings to the Beatle Sheet Music pages, including another variation of Day Tripper, Little Child, Misery, Rock and Roll Music, She Loves You, and Something.

Solo sheets added include Love Comes To Everyone, Seaside Woman, and George's Wah Wah.

Two rare Beatles songbooks added were A Hard Day's Night - Combo and A Hard Day's Night - Stage Dance Band Book.

Also added four Australian sheets, All Together Now, Magical Mystery Tour, Rock & Roll Music and While My Guitar Gently Weeps; One from Canada, I Want To Hold Your Hand; one from Holland, Get Back; Two from France, Hey Jude and You Know My Name; and thirteen from the U.K., Can't Buy Me Love, Cry Baby Cry, Here, There and Everywhere, Little Child, Love You Too, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Michelle, Not A Second Time, Mr. Moonlight, Rain, She Loves You, Think For Yourself and Yesterday.

May 03, 1999 Updated the page on the Beatles closed-circuit tickets. Also added new ticket scans for Atlantic City 1964, Detroit 1964, Hollywood Bowl 1965, Minnesota 1965, Seattle 1964, and Toronto 1964.
May 02, 1999 Added Beatles Sheet Music scans for Octopus's Garden, Oh Darling and a variation of Ringo's Only You.
Apr 27, 1999 Added scans of a rare box seat ticket from the 1965 Hollywood Bowl concert, an orange stub from Atlantic City 1964 and one of the scarcest tickets of all, shown here for the first time, the Montreal Forum 1964. We now have ticket scans for every single U.S.A. show the Beatles played.
Apr 24, 1999 Added several new Beatles Sheet Music scans, including Birthday, Helter Skelter, I Need You, Long, Long, Long, and When I'm 64. Also added two Beatles Songbooks, The new Beatles top 40 plus pop songbook and Hot 40 songbook from the motion picture Help! .
Mar 30, 1999 Added a rare Ringo Starr Vertical Man World Premiere Broadcast CD and a scan of the U.K. four track promo release to the Vertical Man page.
Mar 29, 1999 Added a scan of the unreleased Beatles' Story promotional cassette to the Beatles' Story on DAT page.
Feb 04, 1999 Added some great new scans to the Beatles Concert Tickets page, including 1964 shows in Atlantic City, Chicago, Detroit, Jacksonville (including a press box pass), Milwaukee, Seattle, Washington D.C. and Vancouver. 1965 tickets were added for Atlanta, Minnesota and Toronto. 1966 additions include Chicago, Cleveland and Washington D.C.. Also check out these press conference passes from Portland '65, Toronto '65, and a 1966 tour pass. We also updated the Candlestick Park page, which nows lists and shows all 10 known ticket variations/colors. Our heavily revised ticket section now contains over 300 listings. More scans, variations and other information will be continously added in the days and weeks ahead as we work to document every known U.S. concert ticket variation...
Jan 20, 1999 Added a rare Ringo Starr King of Broken Hearts 2-track promo CD single to the Vertical Man page.
Jan 17, 1999 Added a section on Beatles Concert and Tour Programs to our Beatles North American Concert Tickets page.
Jan 15, 1999 More updates, scans and detailed variation information added to the Beatles North American Concert Tickets page.
Jan 05, 1999 Updated the Butcher Cover discography page with many greatly improved scans, including an original stereo Butcher slick, a mono Butcher slick, a stereo 1st state, a sealed first state mono, first state mono, sealed stereo pasteover, sealed mono pasteover, 3rd state mono, 3rd state stereo, the "Incredible!" poster, and the "Buy Beatles Here!" poster
Jan 01, 1999 Added a scan of a blue Top Deck stub to the '66 Dodger Stadium ticket page, and updated the scan on a newly discovered pink Seattle '66 main floor ticket. Also added a scan of a second variation ticket outlet envelope from Seattle '66.


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