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The first release of songs from The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour album was the Hello Goodbye / I Am The Walrus single, issued in the U.K. on November 24, 1967. Two days later the Hello Goodbye promo film was broadcast in the U.S. on the Ed Sullivan Show, followed the next day, November 27, by the album and single release in America.

The same week, the promo film was shown in several European countries, but not in the U.K. - it was banned by the BBC! The last minute decision by senior executives prevented the film from being screened in BBC-1's Top Of The Pops and BBC-2's Late Night Line-Up. A corporation spokesman had explained that "a minor portion of the film contravened the Musician's Union regulations concerning miming on television." Nems' press officer Tony Barrow then commented: "The brief miming passages were pointed out to us by BBC officials on Monday of last week. Consequently, the Beatles made themselves available on Tuesday for a BBC cameraman to shoot new film, which was to be used to replace the offending segments. But in spite of this the clip was still banned - I don't know why." But the single was still featured on Top Of The Pops, in conjunction with an extract from the group's A Hard Day's Night movie. A news article mentioned that since the Beatles would have no further opportunity to make drastic changes to the film, it was unlikely to be shown on British television.

Both the album and the Hello Goodbye single reached No. 1 on the USA Billboard charts, with the single charting for 11 weeks and the LP for more than a year and a half - 82 weeks. Within twelve days of release, the single had sold one million copies in America. On December 8th, a 6-track double EP set was released in the U.K., peaking at No. 2 on the British Billboard charts. Originally scheduled for release on December 1st, the EP release was delayed one week because EMI was overwhelmed with 400,000 advance orders. The main hold-up was the book, which was more difficult to reprint than the pressing of additional records. With the extra time, EMI was able to press 750,000 copies for initial release.

The world premiere broadcast of the Magical Mystery Tour film was by BBC-1 on December 26th - shown in black and white and seen by more than 13 million viewers. The film was viciously attacked by the press, declaring it a mighty flop. The Daily Express called it blatant "rubbish," The Daily Mail "It's colossal, the conceit of the Beatles" and the Daily Mirror declared it "chaotic." Paul responded and stated that "We could easily have assembled a team of experts and asked them to come up with a first class show for Christmas which would star the Beatles, but that would have been easy. We wanted to try and do it ourselves, and we were expecting criticism. but nothing quite as bad as we got. The mistake was that too many people were looking for a plot when there wasn't one. It was just a series of unconnected events which we thought would be interesting or humorous or just pleasant to watch." In all, the Beatles shot 6 hours worth of film, edited down to less than 60 minutes.

The section below features expanded highlights and photos of MMT related releases. Following that is our chart listing and price guide of items related to Magical Mystery Tour. If you have any suggestions or additions to make, please email us at mmt@rarebeatles.com


The Magical Mystery Tour double EP set was originally issued in the U.K. in both MONO and STEREO versions, and soon after in Japan, Italy and several other countries, the majority in STEREO versions only. Shown above is the original U.K. MONO issue, of which far less were pressed than stereo versions. At least three countries, Australia, France and Japan, issued EP releases designated as "mono", but were in fact just mono mixes from the stereo masters!

The six tracks included were Magical Mystery Tour, Your Mother Should Know, and I Am The Walrus on disc 1, and The Fool On The Hill, Flying, and Blue Jay Way on disc 2. The jacket was a near-identical miniature of the full size LP, including the entire 28 page booklet with lyrics (listed incorrectly in many places as "32 pages" - which there would be if you count the covers as four). The EPs fit in pockets on each inside cover. The rarest copies are the versions from Japan that were issued on red vinyl (Odeon OP-4335-6, released 3-10-68), followed by any of the mono versions. Stereo copies were reissued in the UK during the 1970s and these are still fairly common. In 1997 Japan reissued the EP set in mono as part of a 30th anniversary promotion.

UK issue upper right back cover, showing the MMT-1 record number and MONO designation

Scarce Italian issue, inside cover and disc. Click on either for enlargement

Compact disc EP box sets

Japanese CD box set. Click for enlargement

In 1992, the Magical Mystery Tour EP was released on CD as part of a well-designed 15-EP box set that faithfully reproduced all of the 14 original British EP releases, and even added a bonus EP. Each of the CDs were digitally remastered and enclosed in jackets using the original cover art and sleeve format. The double-CD Magical Mystery Tour EP included a disc each of both mono and stereo versions of the 6 songs! Even the entire 28 page booklet was reproduced as well. The sets were released in Japan on June 10, 1992 (EMI/Odeon/Apple TOCP-7101-15), in Great Britain around the same time, and in the USA on June 30th (Apple/Capitol C2-15852). Some USA sets include UK manufactured CDs. All issues of this historical release appear to be out of print. A nice addition for any Beatles collection.

EP box set bonus CD

Box set bonus CD. Click for enlargement

The bonus CD included with the EP Collection box sets issued in the US, Japan, and England. The four tracks were stereo versions of The Inner Light, Baby You're A Rich Man, She's A Woman, and This Boy. For more info, see our detailed page on this
CD EP box set release.

A lot of interesting and unique items have been printed and manufactured in relation to the Beatles' movie and LP release of Magical Mystery Tour. The rarest of all MMT collectibles would have to be an original factory sealed mono copy of the U.S. LP release from 1967. Very few monos were pressed, making it one of the rarest of the original Capitol albums, and only a few original sealed monos are known to exist. Near-mint opened copies are valued at $200.00 and up.

From the original Capitol mono and stereo albums, to posters, videos, EPs and compact discs, we never realized how many MMT "collectibles" there were until we put together this list, and we still have more to add. As we have mentioned before, with the value of Beatles records and memorabilia escalating and becoming in some cases almost impossible to find, many collectors have narrowed down their areas of collecting, concentrating on certain categories such as 45s, LPs, concert tickets, or selections from many other areas. We thought that putting together a collection comprising "anything to do with" Magical Mystery Tour would be fun, somewhat affordable, and challenging - yet possible to nearly complete. Here, then, is our guide with over 100 items to perhaps help you do just that. You can print this page and use it as a checklist and reference. Happy hunting...

CDs EPs Laserdiscs LPs - Japan
LPs - UK
LPs - USA LPs - Other Countries Miscellaneous
Posters Tapes - Audio Tapes - Video  

Country Year Category Number Description NM Value
Japan 1987 CD Toshiba/EMI first issue $ 20.00
1992 CD Toshiba/EMI TOCP-7101-14/15 2-CD EP set, mono/stereo (issued as part of an EP box set) $ 25.00
1992 CD Echo Industry Co.
#14 of a 15 CD Beatles set $ 25.00
UK 1987 CD Parlophone first issue $ 15.00
1992 CD Parlophone
CDP 7 48062 2
standard jewel case $ 12.00
1992 CD HMV / Parlophone
BEA CD-25/6
HMV deluxe box set w/poster, button & booklet. Included standard CD # CDP 7 48062 2 $ 50.00
1992 CD Parlophone 2-CD EP set, mono/stereo, issued as part of an EP box set $ 15.00
1995 CD Parlophone
current issue $ 12.00
USA 1987 CD Capitol CDP-7-48062-2 issued in long-box $ 16.00
1991 CD Capitol CDP-7-48062-2 reissued in standard jewel case $ 10.00
1992 CD Capitol/Apple/Parlo.
2-CD EP set, mono/stereo discs (issued in box set # C2-15852) $ 25.00
1992 CD Chapter One CD 25197 "Magical Mystery Tour Demo's" (unauthorized, studio outtakes) $ 20.00
1997 CD Capitol CDP-7-48062-2 current issue with EMI/Capitol contest promotion stickers $ 11.00
Australia 1968 Vinyl - EP Parlophone MMT-1 2-EP, mono $ 100.00
1968 Vinyl - EP Parlophone SMMT-1 2-EP, stereo $ 50.00
France 12-8-67 Vinyl - EP Odeon SOLM-1/2 2-EP, "mono" (mono version of stereo mix) $ 75.00
12-8-67 Vinyl - EP Odeon SOLS-1/2 2-EP, stereo $ 50.00
Germany 12-8-67 Vinyl - EP Odeon SMO 39501/2 2-EP, stereo $ 50.00
19?? Vinyl - EP Odeon 029.615/16 -023.6 2-EP, stereo $ 30.00
Italy 12-4-67 Vinyl - EP Parlophon (no "e")
QASE 0100/1
2-EP, stereo. Issued with 3 slightly different covers - the first was printed in Germany (SMO 39501/2); the second, mostly identical to the first, had printed inside the addresses of the British Beatles Fan Club and Beatle Book Monthly; and the third, seldom seen, was printed in Italy. Later in the 60s, the 2 EPs were sold separately without picture sleeve or booklet. First
$ 60.00

$ 50.00

$ 75.00

without book/PS
$ 15.00

Japan 3-10-68 Vinyl - EP Odeon OP-4335-6 2-EP, stereo, red vinyl $ 180.00
1968 Vinyl - EP Odeon OP-4335-6 2-EP, stereo $ 75.00
9-23-92 Vinyl - EP EMI/Odeon TOKP-7412-3 2-EP, stereo $ 20.00
1981 Vinyl - EP EMI/Odeon
EAS 30025-26
2-EP, "mono" reissue, red vinyl, from "EPs Collection" box set (disc is mono version of stereo mix) $ 20.00
1997 Vinyl - EP Apple/Odeon/EMI TOKP-7412-13 2-EP, stereo, 30th anniversary re-release w/OBI.
Back cover
$ 25.00
South Africa 12-8-67 Vinyl - EP Parlophone SPD 443 2-EP, stereo $ 90.00
UK 12-8-67 Vinyl - EP Parlophone MMT-1 2-EP, mono $ 100.00
12-8-67 Vinyl - EP Parlophone SMMT-1 2-EP, stereo $ 35.00
1969 Vinyl - EP Parlophone SMMT-1 2-EP, stereo, reissue $ 20.00
Venezuela 12-8-67 Vinyl - EP MMT-1 (discs list MMT A-1, MMT B-1) 2-EP, "mono" (mono version of stereo release, no booklet) $ 75.00
Yugoslavia 12-8-67 Vinyl - EP Yugoton SP-8151/8152 2-EP, mono (no booklet, Fan Club, Monthly book addresses inside) $ 75.00
Japan 1988 Laserdisc   1st pressing  
USA 1988 Laserdisc MPI/Apple ID6197MP 1st pressing $ 65.00
1992 Laserdisc MPI/Apple CLV-1538 2nd pressing reissue $ 55.00
current Laserdisc MPI/Apple 3rd pressing reissue $ 20.00
LPs - Japan
Japan 1968 Vinyl - LP Odeon OP-9728 red wax (value is 2-3x w/OBI) $ 150.00
1968 Vinyl - LP Odeon OP-9728 (value is 2-3x w/OBI) $ 60.00
1969 Vinyl - LP Apple AP-9728 red wax (value is 1-2x w/OBI) $ 125.00
1969 Vinyl - LP Apple AP-9728 (value is 1-2x w/OBI) $ 50.00
1973 Vinyl - LP Apple EAP-9030X (value is +$25.00 w/OBI) $ 50.00
1976 Vinyl - LP Apple EAS-80569 (value is +$5.00 w/OBI) $ 25.00
LPs - UK
UK 11-19-76 Vinyl - LP Parlophone PCTC-255 first LP issue, issued as an EP only until 1973 when EMI issued a cassette version, TC PCS-3077). $ 15.00
19?? Vinyl - LP Parlophone PCTC-255 reissue, yellow vinyl $ 100.00
1995 Vinyl - LP Parlophone
C1 077 7 48062 1 3
last vinyl issue $ 15.00
USA 1967 Vinyl - LP Capitol MAL-2835 mono, black label (first mono issue) $ 200.00
1967 Vinyl - LP Capitol SMAL-2835 stereo, black label, w/o "Subsidiary..." print (first stereo issue) $ 85.00
1968 Vinyl - LP Apple SMAL-2835 stereo, Apple label w/ Capitol logo $ 40.00
1969 Vinyl - LP Capitol SMAL-2835 stereo, black label with "Subsidiary..." print $ 50.00
1969 Vinyl - LP Apple SMAL-2835 stereo, Capitol green label $ 45.00
1971 Vinyl - LP Apple SMAL-2835 stereo, Apple label w/ "MFD. BY APPLE..." $ 20.00
1975 Vinyl - LP Apple SMAL-2835 stereo, Apple label w/ "ALL RIGHTS..." $ 25.00
1976 Vinyl - LP Capitol SMAL-2835 stereo, orange label $ 12.00
1978 Vinyl - LP Capitol SMAL-2835 stereo, purple label w/ "MFD..." perimeter print (booklet dropped from this and later issues) $ 10.00
1980 Vinyl - LP MFSL-1-047 stereo, half-speed mastered $ 60.00
1983 Vinyl - LP Apple SMAL-2835 stereo, black label with print in colorband $ 15.00
1988 Vinyl - LP Capitol C1-48062SMAL-2835 stereo, purple label with "MANUFACTURED..." perimeter print $ 25.00
1995 Vinyl - LP Capitol / Apple / Parlophone
C1 077 7 48062 1 3
stereo, purple label, booklet added back for this final vinyl "Limited Edition" release $ 14.00
LPs - other countries
Germany 1968 Vinyl - LP Apple/Horzu SHZE 327 (contains true stereo version of Baby You're A Rich Man, this was the first time that this song was released in true stereo - anywhere. Penny Lane is also in true stereo on this LP) $ 40.00
197? Vinyl - LP Apple SHZE 327 (2nd issue, true stereo Baby You're A Rich Man & Penny Lane) $ 20.00
1981 Vinyl - LP Apple/EMI 1C 072-04 449 (3rd issue, true stereo Baby You're A Rich Man & Penny Lane, red cover, single-jacket, unique to this country) $ 15.00
Israel 196? Vinyl - LP EMI/Apple SMAL-2835 single-jacket cover unique to this country, manufactured and distributed by CBS Records Ltd./Tel Aviv $ 80.00
New Zealand 19?? Vinyl - LP SMAL-2835 single-jacket cover $ 20.00
19?? Vinyl - LP WRC SLZ 6308 World Record Club issue (titled Magical Mystery Tour and other Splendid Hits) $ 100.00
19?? Vinyl - LP WRC 4574 World Record Club, reissue of above $ 60.00
19?? Vinyl - LP WRC 4574 World Record Club, 3rd issue $ 30.00
Peru 19?? Vinyl - LP FOC CE.02 0039   $ 75.00
UK 1983 Misc Beatle City exclusive MMT Coach (piece of original seat covering sold in 2" squares) $ 15.00
UK 1988 Misc MPI/Apple Retailer floor standee (large cardboard standee used to promote the video releases of Help!, A Hard Day's Night, and Magical Mystery Tour) $ 50.00
USA 07-82 Flexi-disc Capitol/Evatone 420827cs Magical Mystery Tour / Here Comes The Sun
(promotional giveaway, issued with three different backing cards: (A) Musicland, (B) Discount, and (C) Sam Goody record stores)
A $ 10.00
B $ 20.00
C $ 25.00
USA 1988 45 rpm Capitol S7-18890 Magical Mystery Tour / (yellow vinyl "Jukebox only" release) $ 8.00
USA 01-68 Misc Hansen sheet MMT Sheet Music $ 20.00
USA 01-68 Misc Hansen book MMT Sheet Music book $ 40.00
USA 1974 Misc Carson Entertainment Group 4-page pressbook to promote the re-release of the film, 8-1/2" x 11" $ 60.00
USA 1997 Misc Corgi Classics Magical Mystery Tour 1.50 scale metal toy bus, mfd. in UK (9-1/2" x 2" x 2-1/2", currently available at $65 retail price) $ 65.00
USA 1997 Misc Apple lithograph Limited Edition (9,800) Magical Mystery Tour LP lithograph (27" x 27" frame size, currently available at $295 retail price) $295.00
USA 1997 DVD MPI Apple DVD-1538 first issue Digital Video Disc $ 20.00
USA 1967 Posters UA 1-sheet movie poster $ 350.00
USA 1967 Posters UA 3-sheet movie poster $ 600.00
USA 1967 Posters UA 6-sheet movie poster $ 700.00
USA 1967 Posters Capitol "New! For Christmas" LP promotional poster, 36" x 48" $1500.00
USA 1974 Posters Mystical Films re-release movie poster, 11" x 18" $ 100.00
USA 1974 Posters Mystical Films re-release movie poster, 19" x 28-1/2" (similar to above) $ 100.00
USA 1974 Posters Carson Entertainment Group re-release movie poster, 23" x 29" $ 200.00
USA 1997 Posters Apple Records 30th anniversary "drumskin" poster (22" diameter round promo poster, text around top half says "Coming To Take You Away, Take You Today", bottom text says "Rediscover 30 Years of Magical Mystery Tour") $ 10.00
Tapes - Audio (USA)
USA 1968 Cassette Capitol 4XT-2835 paper label, white shell $ 25.00
USA 1971 Cassette Capitol 4XT-2835 white shell, round Capitol logo $ 10.00
USA 1978 Cassette Capitol 4XT-2835 white shell dome Capitol logo $ 8.00
USA 1986 Cassette Capitol 4XAL-2835 clear shell $ 10.00
USA 1988 Cassette Capitol C4-48062 clear shell $ 10.00
USA 1992 Cassette Capitol C4-48062 clear shell (current)
USA 1981 Cassette Mobile Fidelity MFSL-C-047 (paper labels; if sealed in outer mylar bag 2x value) $ 35.00
USA 1987 Cassette Mobile Fidelity MFSL-C-047 (reissue of above with clear shell and black and silver labels) $ 25.00
USA 1967 2-Track Capitol/Playtape MAL-2835/0797 green or blue and white photo label $ 50.00
USA 1967 2-Track Capitol/Playtape MAL-2835/0797 lavender and white photo label $ 40.00
USA 1967 4-Track Capitol 4CL-2835
Capitol 4CL-2835
Muntz cartridge $ 25.00
USA 1970 4-Track Capitol 4CL-2835 Ampex cartridge $ 30.00
USA 1967 8-Track Capitol 8XT-2835 white shell $ 25.00
USA 1970 8-Track Capitol 8XT-2835 black shell $ 15.00
USA 1968 Reel-to-reel Capitol Y1T 2835 3-3/4" ips
(Click to see reel or back of box)
$ 45.00
USA 1970 Reel-to-reel Capitol Ampex L-2835 7-1/2" ips $ 45.00
Tapes - Video
USA 1978 VHS/Beta Media M-1019 1st issue (unauthorized release, for more info see our page on the first Beatles videotapes) $ 75.00
USA 1981 VHS/Beta Media M-430 (reissue of above, different box, improved picture quality) $ 50.00
USA 1988 VHS MPI/Apple 1st Apple issue $ 30.00
USA 1996 VHS Artrock Magical Mystery Trip (U.S. issue of 1992 UK 23 minute narrated behind-the-scenes VHS documentary featuring Super 8 & 35mm footage shot 10/66-9/67 by Mal Evans. Packaged in 10" film tin w/32-page booklet, "Magical Mystery Tour" route map & numbered certificate). $ 30.00

CDs EPs Laserdiscs LPs - Japan
LPs - UK
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