Volume I

John Lennon flexi-disc giveaway

Click on either photo for enlargement. Scans courtesy of David Schwartz.

Quaker Oats Granola Dipps flexi-disc. This John Lennon disc, "A Tribute To John Lennon", was one of five different Great Moments of Rock 'N Roll series flexi-discs that were given away in specially marked packages of Granola Dipps. The boxes featured a photo of the disc and came in four colors according to flavor - brown, green, red and yellow. The sweepstakes started in September 1986 and ran until April 30, 1987. The disc contains an announcer talking about Lennon and snippets of some of his songs from the Double Fantasy and Milk & Honey albums.

Playing the record revealed if you were a winner or not - at the end an announcer would come on and say "Congratulations, you are a winner!", and then state the prize won, or a "lose" message. The grand prize was a 14 day trip for 4 people to the "Rock 'N Roll Capitals (sic) of the World" (New York, London, LA), a visit to a recording studio, and $5000 spending money. A total of 20,103 prizes were awarded.

Near-mint copies of the "loser" Lennon flexi are valued at $25-$30.00, more if the center hole is still intact. Any of the original Granola Dipps contest boxes would be worth around $25.00 in NM condition. So far, no "Win" discs have yet surfaced on the collectors market - if any ever turn up, it is estimated that they would be worth $250.00 or more.

The front and back of the Chocolate Chip Granola Dipps box. Click on either for enlargement

The other 4 discs in the series - The Motown Sound, Rising Stars of Video Music, Live Aid, and Rock's Greatest Guitar Heroes. Click on any image for enlargement.