Volume II

The Beatles Yeah Yeah Candy Sticks

These Beatles candy sticks were manufactured by World Candies, Inc. (Brooklyn, NY) in the mid 1960s, and were issued in 6 different 1" x 2-1/2" x 3/8" boxes. Each box held two candy sticks. Shown at left is the John box, which was issued in red and green. A Paul box was issued in orange and pink, George in yellow, and Ringo in blue. The different color John and Paul boxes had a slightly different cartoon picture on the front.

The candy sticks were sold from a master box which contained 25 packages and a bonus plastic "Ringo hand puppet". The box description reads "The Beatles Yeah...Yeah...Yeah Candy, 50 Sugar Delights". Shown below is the front and back of the box, and the Ringo puppet...