Volume VII

Suffolk Downs, Boston - August 18, 1966

Location Color Admission Comments
Clubhouse Boxes Pink $ 5.75  
Clubhouse Enclosure Mustard $ 4.75 Rarest variation
Clubhouse Terrace Burgundy $ 4.75  
Grandstand Blue $ 5.75 Common
Grandstand Boxes Purple $ 5.75  
Grandstand Mezzanine Brown $ 5.75  
Grandstand Terrace White $ 4.75 Extremely common
Grandstand Terrace Yellow $ 5.75 Common

In all, eight different-color tickets were issued for this show designating different seating areas. The "mustard" color version is the rarest of the eight variations, While some of the others are among the easiest of all Beatles tickets to find.

The reason a higher quantity of unused tickets for this show exists is due to the fact that Suffolk Downs is a horse track and large portions on either side of the 25,000 center seating area were cordoned off and not intended to be sold. The printer, however, made tickets for all of the seats. This is an unusual case where there are large quantities of full tickets available from a "sold out" show. More than 6,000 of these unused tickets were found a few years ago, over half of them the white variation.