The Beatles From Cavern To Star-Club
The Illustrated Chronicle, Discography & Price Guide 1957-1962
By Hans Olof Gottfridsson, 1997 - 480 pages with bonus vinyl EP

All of the pre-Parlophone recordings have been tracked! During a period of several years, Sweden's Hans Olof Gottfridsson has mapped out this legendary period of The Beatles' early career. Now, for the first time ever, all of the recordings are presented, from when John and Paul met at the Woolton Garden Feté in 1957 to the last Star-Club recordings in Hamburg during December 1962!

The book contains a complete in-depth review of all the German, English, Swedish, French and American releases of songs which were recorded during this period. All of the singles, EPs and LPs are shown. Every release has been priced as a rarity and collector's item in the price guide section. Once and for all it is now made clear which of the Tony Sheridan releases the Beatles actually took part in and played. What differs first pressings from later releases? Even acetates, tapes and sound films are included!

A new Beatles song! The author has succeeded in tracing - what was believed to be lost forever - the original protocols from the Polydor recordings. These are now published for the first time! In combination with other information, they reveal sensational news: Gottfridsson can now confirm that the Beatles really took part and played at an additional Sheridan recording!

Written contributions by John Duff Lowe (The Quarry Men) and Bill Harry (editor of the contemporary newspaper Mersey Beat).

Tony Sheridan contributes with a section in the book about his memories of the 1960s. Foreword by Professor Toru Mitsui, Kanazawa University, Japan.

A Beatles EP is enclosed! An unique bonus record of the Beatles is included with every book! It is a vinyl EP on the Polydor label with a laminated cover, and is housed in a special holder inside the front cover of the book. The record contains four songs with the Beatles of which one has never before been released in stereo! The author succeeded in getting permission to license these from Polydor and also accessing the never before used, original stereo master tape of Sweet Georgia Brown! The EP is only available as a bonus with this book and cannot be purchased in any other way. It will quickly become a top-class collector's item for all Beatles collectors throughout the world!

"The Beatles ­ From Cavern To Star-Club" is printed in English for the world market in the customary Premium design, bound in a beautiful laminated A4 size cover. Illustrated with many rare photos of the Beatles! 480 pages. Weight 1,8 kilo (approx 4 lbs.) Released on the 26th of August 1997.

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The bonus EP included with the book - click on either image for enlargement.

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