"And Now, Here They Are...

Live on stage 1964-1966

Volume 1:
A Comprehensive guide to The Beatles'
North American Tours and Concert Memorabilia

Volume 2:
1st Edition Concert Ticket Price & Reference Guide

by Kevin Curran, Mitch McGeary and Mike White

Forewords by Bob Eubanks and Sid Bernstein


Ticket book prototype cover

Contributions wanted for new Beatles books

We have been researching and assembling detailed information covering the Beatles live shows in America from 1964-1966. Some of this information (mainly on ticket variations) has been presented on these web pages for several years now. All of that and much more will be presented in two hardbound volumes. We have interviewed more than 100 promotors, DJ's, MC's and others directly involved with the tours, as well as many first generation fans who attended these historical shows. Press conference and personal interviews will be included as well as statistics, details and photos related to all 73 shows.

Every known ticket variation and color for each show is being documented, along with any associated flyers, posters, advertisements, programs and anything else to do with the more than 70 shows the Beatles played in North America. From Sullivan to Candlestick, there are hundreds of different ticket variations and great stories behind the shows. We have hundreds of scans of tickets, stubs, contracts and related memorabilia. Over 2,700 unused tickets and stubs have been statistically documented (as of 4/03/02), encompassing every major collection in North America. This detailed list has provided some interesting and surprising information for the book, especially in the areas covering the scarcity of existing stubs and unused tickets between all of the venues.

If you have any Beatles tickets or stubs from the Beatles concerts in the U.S. or Canada, we would like to have some information on them. We need the city, show date, seat number (all numbers on ticket), color, and the classification of the ticket - whether full or stub. Scans would be ideal (300 dpi/100% size tif file). We are also looking for scans and info on ads, seating charts, flyers and other items relating to the shows. Credit will be given in the books accordingly.

Also, If you have tickets or stubs to sell , we would be very interested in buying them. Please email us with any info or if you have any questions, comments, additions, corrections or suggestions for the web page or book. Click HERE to go to the Beatles Concert Tickets web page.

concert memorabilia

  • Over 600 pages in two hardbound volumes
  • Standard edition plus special collector's limited edition with premiums

    Volume I

  • Stories, photos, reviews and other information for all of the Beatles' 73 shows
  • Capacity and attendance statistics
  • Detailed press conference coverage and transcriptions
  • Interviews with major promoters, emcees, agents and Disc Jockeys
  • Radio Station contests and promotions
  • Interviews with Beatles fans, celebrities and historians
  • Photos of press passes, posters, flyers, advertisements and other related ephemera
  • Who's Who listings for everyone involved in the tours or concert promotions

    Volume II

  • First Edition Beatles Concert Ticket Price and Reference Guide
  • Complete charted listings of over 500 different ticket variations
  • Rarity index for all tickets
  • Scans of many rare tickets never seen before including an unused Feb. 9, 1964 Sullivan!
  • Articles about ticket collecting and trends
  • Foreword and other contributions by Perry Cox and other experts
  • Ticket printing companies and printing processes
  • And much more...

  • The above is a partial list of what is planned for inclusion in the books. Some of this information may be subject to change and will be updated on this web page. ©1999,2000 Kevin Curran, Mitch McGeary, and Mike White.


Donations Emcees Promoters Radio Personalities
Tour DJ's Photographers GAC Alumni Authors
Additional Resources Collectors, Dealers and Fans Other Notable Contributors

This book would not have been possible to complete without the assistance, expertise, insight and generosity of many people. If the old saying goes "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" then this book is testament. These people deserve our admiration and thanks for helping compile the information, interviews and images in this book. Many played direct and indirect roles in The Beatles’ performances across North America and were very gracious with their time and knowledge. Their insight into the efforts required to present The Beatles, assist in their movements, and publicize their activities is an invaluable part of this book. Others have been collecting Beatles memorabilia from years to decades and happily shared their knowledge and expertise. The authors wish to sincerely thank the following individuals and companies for their help...

Forewords by Bob Eubanks and Sid Bernstein

Pre-press layout and design coordinator: Andrew Croft, Beatlology Magazine

Ticket Reference & Price Guide foreword by Perry Cox

Research assistance: Chuck Gunderson, John Hansman and Mark Naboshek.

Special Thanks to:

Tony Barrow - for his thoughts and insight into the touring passes from the 1966 tour.

Rona Barrett - U.S. journalist. She has been a gossip columnist since 1957 and wrote "Rona Barrett's Gossip" in 1974 which sold over one million copies. Rona's Web site.

Jackie DeShannon - Singer and songwriter, Film and TV star. Jackie has co-written songs with Jimmy Page, Van Morrison, Michael McDonald and many others including the #1 Kim Carnes hit "Bette Davis Eyes." She has performed and recorded with many rock legends including Neil Diamond, the Beach Boys, Elvis and the Beatles. On the 1964 Beatles North American Jackie's 6 song set preceded the Beatles. Jackie DeShannon web page.

Bobby Goldsboro - His career has been a remarkable evolution. This multi-talented performer started out in the early sixties as a guitarist with the legendary Roy Orbison. During his three years with Orbison he traveled all over the world and even toured with the Beatles. In 1964 Goldsboro went out on his own and recorded the first of a string of hit records, "See the Funny Little Clown." Then, in 1968 he recorded the classic "Honey," which became the largest selling record in the world. Bobby appeared with the Beatles at the Paramount Theater on September 20, 1964, which was the final stop of the Beatles' 1964 U.S. tour. Bobby Goldsboro's web site.

Casey Kasem - Mention the name Casey Kasem, and music lovers from around the world will think of radio's biggest countdown show. In fact, Casey is the man that set the standard for all countdown shows, with his weekly program American Top 40 with Casey Kasem now on Premiere Radio Networks. From counting down the hits to offering listeners long distance-dedications, Casey's style and approach are summed up in his trademark phrase: "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars." He's the youngest member ever inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame. He has his own star on Hollywood Boulevard's Walk of Fame, and in 1997 Billboard Magazine presented him with its first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award. Clearly, Casey's friendly 'crackling' voice has taken him to the top of his profession.

Bob Jackson (1964 Pulitzer prize winner), for access to his entire collection of Beatles Houston photographs.

Alan Livingston - (Former 1960s president of Capitol Records), for his in-person interview on the Beatles and access to his photo collection.

Wink Martindale - In the history of televised game shows no name is more synonymous with "host" than Wink Martindale, the man who has guided nineteen game shows. But Martindale's nearly 50 years in broadcasting encompass more than the hit game programs for which he is best known. Before TV there was radio. Before game shows there was a Gold Record and an appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show" in New York. Wink Martindale web site.

Leslie Uggams - Stage, screen, TV and recording star. Her portrayal of Kizzy in the most watched dramatic show in TV history, "Roots," won her the Critics Choice Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1978, and her first Emmy nomination for Best Leading Actress. Leslie's web site.


A project of this size not only takes the cooperation of hundreds of other people but also their generosity. The following people have donated images, scans or copies of never before seen documents and pictures from their personal collections for inclusion in the book:

Lee Alan for his generous Beatles in Miami Interview transcript

Bob Barry - 15 Milwaukee photographs

Gordon Baer - Cincinnati 1966 photographs Gordon Baer Photography

Vince Calandra - CBS press releases, Ed Sullivan show documents

Allen Delay - Portland concert and press conference photographs

Michel Desrochers - Montreal Press Conference photo

Bill Diehl - Chicago 1964 stage shots

Bob Eubanks - Complete files for the Hollywood Bowl and Dodger Stadium shows

Bob Green for his WKNR CD of the Beatles at Detroit's Olympia Stadium

Andy Hanson - Staff photographer, Dallas Times Herald (1960-1991). Dallas Press Conference photos

Steve Kirk - Cincinnati Gardens and Crosley Field Photos

Beverly Maxwell for her Minnesota press conference photograph and copy of contract

Chuck Murdock - Beatles Miami arrival video

Dusty Rhodes - Cincinnati Itinerary documents

Lou Robin - San Diego stage photograph

Red Robinson - Candid Vancouver shots and interview material

Rowland Scherman - DC 1964 photos Rowland's web site

Morton Tadder - Baltimore photos Tadder Photography.

Larry White - Cow Palace photographs

Special Thanks:

To Wayne Rogers, Keith Sluchansky and Jeff Augsburger (co-author of "The Beatles Memorabilia Price Guide"), who provided hundreds of ticket scans and related information.

And to Perry Cox (author of "The Official Price Guide to The Beatles Records and Memorabilia") for his advice, guidance, support and friendship throughout this project.


From Ed Sullivan's famous "Ladies and Gentleman, Here are The Beatles" to Bob Eubank's legendary Hollywood Bowl introduction "And Now, Here they are, THE BEATLES!" The following gentlemen we interviewed introduced the Beatles to over 1.2 million fans across North America:

Jack AlixWEELWashington, D.C. (1964)
Jack ArmstrongWIXY (1966)Cleveland, OH
Jerry BakerWIFE (1964-1965)Indianapolis, IN (first show)
Bob BarryWOKY (1963-1976)Milwaukee, WI
Glen "Boogie" BellKIMN (1958-1965)Denver, CO
Bob GreenWKNR (1963-1971)Detroit MI (1964, 1966)
Dave BoxerCFCF (1964-1969)Montreal, Canada
Bruce BradleyWBZBoston, MA (1964, 1966)
Chuck BrinkmanKQV (1960-1972)Pittsburgh, PA
Ron ChapmanKLIF (1959-1965)Dallas, TX
Al ClarkWIXYCleveland, OH (1966)
Michel DesrochersCJMS (1962-1968)Montreal, Canada
Bill DiehlWDGYMinneapolis, MN
John DoughertyWMPS (1965-1969) Memphis, TN (1966, 2nd show)
Arnie GinsbergWMEX (1959-1967)Boston, MA (1964, 1966)
Johnnie HolidayKYA (1966-1969)San Francisco, CA (1966)
Dave HullKRLA (1963-1969)Los Angeles, CA (1964-1966)
Hy LitWIBG (1959-1969)Philadelphia, PA (1964)
Steve KirkWSAI (1963-1966)Cincinnati (1964 & 1966)
George KleinWHBQ (1964-1976, 1986-1988)Memphis, TN (1966, 1st show)
Jim MeekerKISN (1964-1966)Portland, OR (2nd show)
Dan McCurdyKLIF (1963-1965)Dallas, TX (1964)
George Morris (Buddy 'G')CKGM (1960-1968)Montreal, Canada
Pat O’DayKJR (1959-1975)Seattle, WA (1964, 1966)
Dick PurtanWSAI (1961-1965)Cincinnati, OH (1964)
Scott ReganWKNR (1965-1968)Detroit MI (1966)
Ron ReynoldsKEWB (1965-1974) San Francisco, CA (1965)
Ron RileyWLS (1964-1970)Chicago, IL (1965, 1st show)
Dusty RhodesWSAI (1961-1966)Cincinnati, OH (1964)
Art RobertsWLSChicago, IL (1965, 2nd show)
Red RobinsonCFUN (1961-1968)Vancouver B.C.
Tony TaylorWQXI (1964-1967)Atlanta, GA
Clark WeberWLS (1961-1968)Chicago, IL (1965, 2nd show)


The job of promoting a concert in the sixties was very different than today. While simpler in some respects, concert appearances for acts as wildly admired as the Beatles held additional challenges that frayed even the most tempered nerves. For their insight into the background of presenting the Beatles, the authors wish to thank:

Al AtkinsonDallas 1964 & Baltimore 1964
Paul CatalanaSan Francisco 1964, 1965
Ron Delsener Forest Hills 1964
Rachel DonahueSan Francisco 1966
Dick Fassen Chicago 1964 - 1966
Franklin FriedChicago 1964 - 1966
George Hamid Jr.Atlantic City 1964 & Philadelphia 1966
Stan IrwinLas Vegas 1964
Marvin KaneVancouver 1964 & Montreal 1964
Steve KirkCincinnati 1964 & 1966
Bev MaxwellMinnesota 1965 (widow of Reggie Colihan)
Margaret McCombsChicago 1964 - 1966
Herb McDonaldLas Vegas 1964
John PaulMinneapolis 1965
Ed PazdurMinneapolis 1965
Dick PurtanCincinnati 1964
Dusty RhodesCincinnati 1964
Gerald RobertsBoston 1966
Lou RobinSan Diego 1965
Art SchurginDetroit 1964, 1966
Allen TinkleySan Diego 1965
Nick ToppingMilwaukee 1964
Zollie VolchokSeattle 1964, 1966 & Vancouver 1965
Norman WainCleveland 1964, 1966
Joe ZingaleCleveland 1964, 1966

Radio personalities

We reached out to hundreds of radio personalities in pursuit of information related to the actual performances, events leading up to the performances and the fierce competition between radio stations for Beatle listeners. The following people were generous with their time and insight, and were a pleasure to meet and speak with:

Lee AlanWXYZ (1959-1964)Disk jockeyDetroit, MI
Dex AllenKQV / KOL (1966)Disc jockeyPittsburgh, PA / Seattle, WA
Gary AllynKIMN, DJ (1964-1965) / KCBQ, PD (1965-1966)Disc jockey / program directorDenver CO / San Diego, CA
Jerry BlumWQXI (1962-1989)General Sales ManagerDenver CO / Atlanta, GA
Chuck BuellKIMNDisc jockeyDenver CO
Bud ConnellKXOK (1961-1968)Station managerSt. Louis, MO
Mel HallKRLA (1965-1966)Program directorLos Angeles, CA
Ray Lewis   
Gary LiPierreWBZ (1964-present)NewsmanBoston, MA (1964)
Jay MackKIMN (1963-1971)Disc jockeyDenver, CO
Don MartinKIMN (1964)News directorDenver, CO
Charlie MurdockWQAMDisc jockeyMiami FL
Ray OtisKXOX (1962-1970)Program directorSt. Louis, MO
John RookKQVDisc jockeyPittsburgh, PA
Bob ShannonKEWBDisc jockeyMinneapolis, MN
Rick ShawWQAMDisc jockeyMiami, FL
Jack SorbiWQAMDisc jockeyMiami FL
Bob WhiteKILTDisc jockeyHouston, TX
Bill WeaverKILT (1957-1966)Program directorHouston, TX
Sue WilliamsKILTOffice administrationHouston, TX

Tour Djs

Jerry Bishop 1965 and 1966
Larry KaneWFUN1964-1966
Art SchreiberKYW1964
Jim StaggKYW / WCFL1964-1966
Long John WadeWDRC1964


As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words! We'd like the thank the eyes behind the lenses for taking a minute to come out from behind the camera and share their insights and well as their photographs with us.

Gordon Baer (Cincinnati 1966)

Allen DeLay (Portland 1965)

David Falconer (Portland 1965)

Jean-Louis Frund (Montreal 1964)

Andy Hanson (Dallas 1964)

Bob Jackson (Houston 1965)

Yoram Kahana (Hollywood Bowl 1964)

Gino Rossi (Vancouver 1964 and Portland 1965)

Rowland Scherman - (DC 1964)

Boris Spremo (Toronto 1964 and 1966)

Morton Tadder (Baltimore 1964)

GAC Alumni

General Artists Corporation was the booking agency that handled the Beatles. Hear the stories from the trenches as every promoter in the country wanted and demanded the Beatles. We'd like to thank those agents for speaking with us, and more importantly, making each and every Beatles concert a reality.

Frank Barcelona        Roy Gerber        Judy Steddem-Smith        Jerry Perencio        Burt Zell       


Jerry G. Bowles - A Thousand Sundays: The Story of the Ed Sullivan Show

Joe Hilton - Rock 'n Roll Treasures

Brian Kendall - Our Hearts Went Boom

Eric Lefcowitz - Tomorrow Never Knows: The Beatles' Last Concert

Bruce Spizer - The Beatles' Story on Capitol Records

Barry Tashian - Ticket To Ride (Lead singer of the Remains, opening act of the Beatles 1966 tour)

Other Notable Contributors

Al Atkinson for his insight into the operations of Feld Brothers and the Dallas, Baltimore shows of 1964.

Teri Brown - Bob Eubanks assistant 1962-1966, Hollywood Bowl 1964 & 1965

Vince Calandra Sr. - Ed Sullivan Show 1960-1971, program coordinator/talent assistant

Estel L. Callahan - Board Member Indiana State Fair. 1964

Ivor Davis who ghost-wrote George Harrison's "diary" during the 1964 tour

Ed Diran - Cow Palace manager

Barry Dresner - Son of Buddy Dresner.

Buddy Dresner - Miami Beach Police Sergeant assigned to Beatles Feb. 13-21, 1964.

Barry Fey - Promoter, 1967-1997 Denver, CO.

Gino Francesconi - Carnegie Hall Archives.

Ed Freeman - Roadie for the Remains

Robert Lipsyte - New York Times Sports Writer, 1963-present. Covered the Beatles -Cassius Clay meeting.

Vern Miller - Bass player for the Remains (Opening act for 1966 tour).

Bert Shipp - WFAA-TV Channel 8 (1961-1999), Dallas TX

Beth Wade at Memphis’ Mid-South Coliseum for her help in locating individuals associated with the 1966 show there.

Tony Zoppi - Columnist, Dallas Morning News 1950-1965.

Collectors, Dealers & fans

Collectors and fans of the Beatles were a great part of compiling the vast array of memorabilia presented in this book. The authors wish to thank the following Beatles collectors, dealers, experts and fans for providing images and information:

Bill Arnold
Hazel Bailey
Susan Barron
Bob Baylis
Jay Benjamin
Jim Berkenstadt
Jim Brady
Mike Brighton
Lou Calidri
Steve Clifford
Perry Cox
Dennis Dailey
Jim Cunningham
Vern DeLong
Vince De Rose
Ron Dice
Joe Dumas
John Edwardsen
Tom Fontaine
Chris Fonvielle
Jim Gambino
Andy Geller
Paul Goresh
Benji Greenburg
Margo Gripp
Bill Hansen
David Harper
Gary Hein
Penny W. Halbrook
Mindy Howard
Pete Howard
Eileen Ivey
Gary Johnson
Wayne Johnson
Jonathan Kasparek
Cynthia Kimble
Allan Kozinn
Robert Kuris
Don LaVigne
Larry Larson
Donald Le Gro
Dave Leicht
Steve Leicht
Bud Loveall
Bruce Mauro
Mike McGeary
Mitch McGeary Jr.
Rich McLenson
Carmine Milicia
Jim Marien
Stephen McNutt
Cynthia Miller
Roy Morlen
Peter nash
Stan Panenka
Janet Pattison
Roger Pavey
Greg Powell
Wayne Rogers
Steve Schuster
David Schwensen
Dennis Szymanski
Graham Small
Gary Smith
Cherie Smith
Steve Traeger
Barry Tucker
Tom Vitucci
Cindy Wilson
Paul Wultz
Cliff Yamasaki
Robert W. York

Additional Resources

Marlene Adler - Chief of Staff to Walter Cronkite

Don Barrett - Operator of LA People Radio site, www.laradio.com.

Dave Brown - Collection of KRLA BEAT papers

Sherman Cohen - Information from KRLA BEATS and the KFWB newsletters.

Michael Godin - Michael Godin Management Inc., host of Treasure Island Oldies Show

Roger Hart- Manager, Paul Revere & The Raiders.

Peter Miniaci - The Beatlemaniashoppe.

Jeff Roteman - Radioville web page

Jerry Shilling - President of Memphis Music Commission; close friend and associate of Elvis Presley.

John H. Williams - 1960s DJ at KHJ Radio, now President of 440 International, Inc., parent company of the www.440.com web site.

John Winn - Index to Transcriptions of Beatles Spoken-Word Recordings, for hours of interview tapes.

Sherman Wolf - Public relations for 1966 Chicago concerts and August 11, 1966 press conference.

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